Hallmark jerks tears for Mother’s Day

Hallmark has a new campaign for Mother’s Day, #PutYour HeartToPaper

 photo Alex_zpssd4tc1kx.jpgHallmark has a new campaign for Mother’s Day, #PutYour HeartToPaper

Alex, a transgender man, begins with this:

My mom is the most light, bright, positive person I have ever met in my life, and that’s just how she’s always been.

When she hugs me, she really hugs me. And when you get a good hug, that is something that makes you feel safe and loved and she’s the only one that has that effect on me.

I’ve never felt [at] home in my body, and even though I was born a girl, I always felt like I was a boy.  And I was afraid to tell her because I thought love would have conditions.

And the unconditional love that she’s shown has made me a better person in all of my relationships.

The video is on the other side.

When he is asked how he would say ‘I love you’ to his mother without using those words, an emotional Alex has a ready response.

I would like to say to my mom that she’s the strongest, most wonderful person I know. And I am who I am because of who she is and who she’s been to me.

It turns out Mom Pam was listening from the next room.  When she enters the room Alex is in, Alex breaks down in tears.

Pam comes out and envelopes her son in a hug, and says:

You don’t have to do anything to thank me. I’m your mama bear and you’re my cub. Always.


The Hallmark campaign, which includes other videos of people talking about the love they have for their mothers, encourages viewers to ‘go beyond “I love you”‘ this Mother’s Day.

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    …were also very touching, if you desire a good cry.

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