Because We Need A Little Christmas

Too much bad news, so here are some of the best Christmas Light Shows brought to you by some ambitious folks with huge electric bills and lots of time on their hands. With a h/t to Suzie Madrak who posted the the Star Wars light show at Crooks and Liars that led me to the others. And in case you can afford the electric bill and have the ambition and too much time on your hands, here is the link the video, How to Make Christmas Lights Flash to Music.

Christmas is an expensive time of year and everyone’s bills tend to go up regardless of whether they have put up more lights or not due to the supply and demand process. Some people may struggle with paying their bills anyway and don’t want their kids or families to be left out of all the holiday fun that comes with decorating your house. There are certain electric companies like payless power, who are able to offer different energy plans to suit certain households. These plans may come in the form of a prepaid plan where people pay a fixed price at the beginning of the month or a postpaid plan so you can pay on a monthly basis. This makes it less stressful and cheaper for people to plan and save throughout the year and especially when it comes to the winter months.

Post your favorite holiday music. Merry Yule, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas, too all.

Best of Star Wars Music Christmas Lights Show 2014 – Featured on Great Christmas Light Fight!

Amazing and Hiliarious Best Christmas Light Show 2014 – Can Can (Straight No Chaser)

Carol of the Bells – Best Christmas Light Show! WATCH END! Sarajevo – Trans-Siberian Orchestra)

2010 – Trans-Siberian Orchestra – A Mad Russian Christmas

Best “Let It Go” (Frozen) Christmas Lights Show 2014

2010 – Mannheim Steamroller – Deck the Halls

Frozen Christmas Lights (Do you Want to Build a Snowman) 2014

Christmas Light Show 2011 – Sexy and I Know It

Best Christmas Lights Show 2011 – The end is awesome!

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    We Need a Little Christmas

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