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Chinese sand artist tickles the heartstrings of manga fans with stunning sand manga drawings

Joan Coello

Many of us can’t even draw a decent manga portrait on paper, but there are talented individuals who manage to replicate character illustrations on food, and some using just their bare hands and sand.

Chinese sand artist Zhao Ying Li creates portraits of manga characters from titles such as Slam Dunk and Detective Conan that are so detailed it’s hard to believe they were drawn with sand. See the creation process after the break!

Sand drawing is appreciated as a form of performance art, unlike conventional drawings or paintings. Every single dot, line and gradient is drawn with nothing but sand by the nimble, artistic hands and fingers of the artist, and in the case of a live performance, drawn precisely within a timed session in sync with background music and illumination arrangements.



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About 1,000 demonstrators attended a rally last month in Shibuya to protest the state secrets protection law.

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Yomiuri apologizes for using term ‘sex slaves’ in English edition

NOV. 29, 2014 – 06:50AM JST

By Mari Yamaguchi

Japan’s biggest newspaper apologized in print Friday for using the term “sex slaves” in its English-language edition to describe Asian women forced into Japanese military-run brothels during World War II.

The conservative Yomiuri said in articles in English and Japanese that it was inappropriate to have used the phrase and others implying the women were coerced to provide sex. The newspaper identified 97 articles, including 85 of its own, with “sex slaves” or similar expressions between 1992 and 2013.