MLB Needs to Ban Chewing Tobacco

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The recent death of retired San Diego Padres baseball player Tony Gwynn from salivary gland cancer has sparked a conversation about the use of chewing tobacco. Gwynn attributed his cancer to dipping tobacco, a habit that he picked up in 1981. Although, there are no studies linking tobacco to salivary gland cancer, as with smoking tobacco, it is considered a risk factor. ESPN sportscaster Keith Olbermann thinks that it’s past time that chewing tobacco use is banned from baseball. Luckily for those of you in other countries or no ties to MLB, you can still enjoy products such as this thunder snus!

Banning the habit would be a good idea, not just as a way of remembering Tony Gwynn but protecting players health and as an example for the fans of the game.


    • TMC on June 23, 2014 at 02:45

    Blessed Be. The Wheel TurnsBlessed Be. The Wheel Turns

    May the Goddess guide Tony on his journey to the Summmerlands. May his family, his friends and the world find health and peace.

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