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Back in high school, I did a very ugly and atypical thing, chucking the backwash of my slurpee in the direction of Joey, who was a fine medium distance runner, even though mentally retarded.  It was midday  on the quad, lunchtime.   At about 300 milliseconds afterwards, approximately the time of nerve conduction, I took a hard sock in the head from Nadine Ramirez, one of the huskier babes on the track team, a shot-putter who could throw a punch, but a flat-out babe nonetheless.  She probably did it thinking to punish me for my cruelty. And that’s more than good enough reasoning for me.  My theory is different, however.  She did it to make me switch tracks, think about something else other than my experimental hormones, immediately.  Like, NOW.  Evidence?  She never held it against me (and I never her) afterwards.  Like I said, it was totally unlike me, and we both knew it, but she was the smarter of us then.   Prolly still now.  Smooches, babe.  


  1. I still knew.

    She exercised her strengths.

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