what a real 11-dimensional master might do

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 photo 1175367_525635294171591_1503838431_n_zps7d612e3f.jpgif he or she was so righteously committed to humanitarian concerns, such as eradicating weapons of mass destruction? perhaps they’d lead governments, industry, and citizens in working together to:

– acknowledge climate change and address and implement, immediately, ways in which we can live and work sustainably …perhaps some 21st century New (Age) Deal

– provide access to non-profit health care systems, rather than make the dubious claim that access to health insurance (not care) should be a fundamental right.

– save honeybees

– get back to educating the children of this earth, instead of indoctrinating and/or testing them to death

– tamp down on the texting and ramp up playfulness

– put arts back into education

– commit to organic farming, good lives for farm animals, and eating less meat

– revamping regional economies and commit to only fair trade practices

– put more value on principles and integrity than money and riches

– commit to peaceful coexistence

certainly, there are many many good and just things that could be initiated and even realized through the leadership and brilliant strategy of someone as clever as this mythic master of 11-dimensional chess.

 photo 998319_668248543186127_303116273_n_zpsc58aed96.jpgcertainly, a master at 11-dimensional chess willing to BOMB a foreign country for the sake and safety of all humanity could apply this substance-over-style visionary genius to something epic, like eradicating poverty…

poverty, a true weapon of mass destruction, is inflicted not only on humans, but all kinds of earthlings struggling to make a living on this increasingly hostile planet.

and let me just throw this one in: would a true master fast-track the sovereignty-killing, environment-killing, earthling-killing TPP?

it is amazing then, the straining that goes on to explain how, when:

Once again, Obama is doing something that’s enraging progressives… it’s time to read about how he’s really doing the exact opposite because he’s a super mega genius, a complete and total mastermind. I thought by now that meme would’ve died the death it so richly deserves, but nope, it’s back.

I quote this because I could not have said it or written or summed it up better myself.


    • pfiore8 on September 16, 2013 at 2:54 am

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  1. Yer giving me a friggin’ boner.

    • banger on September 24, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    But what about the debt ceiling?

    Basically, the values you hold are not shared by most people and we all know that. I suggest that favoring the policies you listed is very logical and more fun than the direction we’re going in. The question we need to ask is why so many people are going in precisely the opposite direction? Why do so many people favor the path of destruction both of the earth and our spirits?

    Some time ago I realized that reason as well as compassion had left the building for the great majority of the U.S. population despite generations of compulsory education. The information, the method of analyzing information is all available to everyone. Analyzing data can be done by simply watching a good mystery–use those techniques to puzzle out what is going on and you’ll arrive at the truth.

    I see no hope, using the rules of evidence, that we’re going to get out of this mess. I see no movement that has any strength on the horizon under which we can organize. And that’s the worst of it. If we could die fighting the system that would be something at least. But few of us are willing to put our asses on the line because we are not in community–we don’t know many who feel as we do, we are isolated, we have forgotten how to band together unless we live on the urban streets and join a street gang.

    It’s very sad. Personally, all I have left is prayer and posting here and there. In this country there are only two dynamic groups–the oligarchs and the radical right.

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