Obama Gasses Millions of Americans

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Using a new special gas developed and delivered through white house pressers, the white house “petitions” page, democratic party email subscriber lists, and tv screens to put a whole country to sleep, that smells like highly concentrated bullshit, obama has decided that he’s willing to start WWIII to change the subject and take the focus off him and the NSA spying on you.

Following a chemical weapons attack in Syria on Aug. 21, tensions between the Assad regime and the west have risen dramatically — and we’ve seen a corresponding rise in social media talk over a possible U.S.-led response.

Quite interesting to note is the effective disappearance of the very big story surrounding ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who has been leaking documents detailing top-secret surveillance programs since June.

Only two days ago, the entire budget of the U.S. intelligence community — the so-called “black budget” — was made public for the first time, thanks to those leaks. Despite these huge developments, and those still waiting to be revealed, it seems that Snowden and the NSA have fallen off the radar.

Here’s a chart illustrating this from Topsy Analytics. As you can see, the rise of “Syria” mentions completely tower over any mentions of “NSA” or “Snowden.”

Business Insider, Aug 31

CHART: Syria Tensions Have Knocked The NSA Spying Scandal Completely Off The Radar

It was the only thing Obama had that could change the subject, right after WAPO published the U.S. intelligence community’s top-secret “black budget” after obtaining it from Snowden.

Interactive Graphic:


WAPO Full Story based on Snowden’s leaks:



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