“i love the smell of napalm in the morning”

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and because the vampire elite (h/t jessical) love death and killing, they push the Western world to use their killing machines in Syria.

war isn’t just about money or oil or resource rape. there those who are serial war mongers, serial killers on a global scale, addicted to the power and control they exert deciding who lives, who dies, who writhes in wretched agony.

death and destruction…. the world is awash in it… economies are drenched in it… entertainment is deluged by it.

ours is a death and destruction economy ruled over by those willing to lie, cheat, steal, and show us pictures of innocents writhing in the throes of chemical death to get more and more death and destruction. they lie to us and tell us it’s about use of chemical weapons and humanitarian concerns… it has nothing to do with humanitarian concerns: they want to kill, destroy, and then get paid for rebuilding, rearming, repeating the cycle of insanity.

if anybody in power were truly concerned about this, then we would go after the ARMS DEALERS and sellers of death and destruction instead of rewarding them with no bid contracts.

Stoking the war maker’s machinery

Behind the popular war.

President Obama, a former constitutional law professor, civil rights lawyer, and Nobel PEACE prize winner… has decided we should take “action” against Syria… what the hell is this man thinking?

i love the smell of actuality in the morning……….


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    • pfiore8 on September 1, 2013 at 14:05

    and spinning crazier than ever

  1. The Military Industrial Complex views it all as “Collateral Damage!”  I suppose that is a distorted notion to somehow make it all more palatable!

    Things just get sicker and sicker.  The neocons’ blueprint has been followed to a “T.”

    (I enjoy your occasional pictorial jabs from your Facebook, pf8.  I simply refrain from doing Facebook.  Zuckerberg is the same as the rest of the “elite” wealthy, same mentality.  Hope all is well!)

    • banger on September 3, 2013 at 14:10

    Although that’s a big part of the pattern. But there is a larger dynamic at work and that is the cultivation of fear, distrust, selfishness and anger/revenge by those in power. Put aside the fact that the MIC is always happy to profit from killing, the ruling elites gain by feeding the lower brains of their citizens who, if they put more energy into their neo-cortexes would start to figure out the con being run on them.

    It is obvious that, at heart, most American institutions are chiefly cons though seldom completely. Morris Berman makes the case that America has always been a nation of hustlers–I don’t quite agree–the average person just wants to lead a decent life or at least that is the case of most people I come in contact with. But there is a class of person that tends to dominate society particularly in the major centers that live for the hustle and they, for the most part, run the country.

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