When You Have The Energy To Think Small and Cheap, You Can See The Future

New engine plans to tap hot spring for power in California

A Californian project at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs is planning to utilize its low heat resource of 180 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 82 degrees Celsius) to generate power with a new power engine called PwrCor.

In a release yesterday, U.S. based company Cornerstone Sustainable Energy (“CSE”) announced “it has entered into an agreement with Warner Mountain Energy Corporation to begin the first phase of development of a geothermal energy plant to be located at the Surprise Valley Hot Springs in Cedarville, California


This is just one of many new small waste heat generators that has no particular advantage that sticks out except that I have posted a lot about that very special area. 🙂


The megawatt potential of the last drilling on the nearby Paiute Indian reservation at Ft. Bidwell started with a small project for a small heating utility.

Of course megawatts take megadollars and so the decades roll by with those kinds of dollars blown away on the wind and sun.

BTW the motel with a horse farm and riding stable at poverty prices was a grand place to stay.  Horse has some advantages for transportation yet though it helps if you don’t get kicked like I once did.

Best,  Terry