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Charlie Pierce  is a sportswriter, author and political blogger. He is also lives very near Boston. He writes several article a day for Esquire at his Politics Blog. His writing about the bombing incident and his appearances on “All In with Chris Hayes” over the last week have kept many of us grounded in seeking the facts. He now has a request of the “gobshites” that are still spinning on their speculative tops: “Please, for the love of almighty god, shut the fk up.”

I mean, seriously, padlock the pieholes. We are fine. We are muddling through. We are carrying on. We are getting up this morning and going about the business of our lives. We are riding the T, or driving on the Pike, or walking along open paths along the Charles River. We are eating lunch at Donohues or shopping at the Target in the Watertown Mall. (OK, some of us are still doing some rubbernecking at the several crime scenes.) We are dealing with the fact that Copley Square, the center of practically everything, is still something of a crime scene. (We’re getting a little grumpy about it, but that’s what we do here.) Our kids are going back to school. And we are doing all these things without particularly needing the pity, concern, or the Very Deep Thoughts of a pack of Green Room school nurses seeking to coin what we’ve all been through into their own unique brand of banality. We are not children here, and neither are our children. [..]

Seriously, though, people. We’re really doing OK. It was nice having y’all around for a week. Hope you spent a little dough. Now go home, please. We have lives to live.

Thanks, Charlie, we sure hope they take your advice but we have our doubts.


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    • TMC on April 24, 2013 at 03:37
  1. He points up to the need to “get up off the floor, dust yourselves off and get moving.”  He doesn’t mean that in a terse, unsympathetic or unfeeling manner, just as a matter of fact.  

    As you, I’m sure, have gathered by now, the Boston tragedy has served those very well in a number of areas:  the NRA is probably screaming, “See, we need guns, buy guns.”  There are already calls for greater immigration restrictions.  Of course, since this is being deemed a terrorist attack, the Defense Dept. cannot possibly foresee cutting the Defense budget in any way, shape or form.  Oh, and even CISPA became a highlight, “see, we need CISPA more than ever.  The more we give in to any such events, the more we relinquish our civil rights and liberaties.  Each event has been propounded upon as a reason/excuse to legislate yet another bill, which would limit your freedoms further . . .  this is the pattern right down the line.  And if it’s not stopped . . . . . . !  

    Glenn Greenwald has an interesting article up at Op-Ed.  Worth reading.

    Why Is Boston “Terrorism” But Not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson And Columbine?

    By Glenn Greenwald

    OpEdNews Op Eds 4/22/2013 at 16:11:10

    • polm on April 25, 2013 at 04:21

    We need to shut the hell up, pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get moving.

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