We’re not dead, we’re just resting

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I’ve often said the left is essentially dead–or moribund (I love the word). Certainly the old left looks dead very much like Polly Parrot in the Dead Parrot sketch.

But there’s something simmering below the surface that those of us who are veterans of the old left can take heart in–massive numbers of people are unhappy and disillusioned. They lack any framework for their disillusion other than things like buying guns but I think we have a chance to step into an opening.

There are two issues only a new revivified left can work with: 1) massive criminality of all the major actors in the political economy; and 2) the lying mainstream media. That’s the only issues we need. We don’t need to talk about the debt or the deficit or “entitlements” or imperialism or any of that. Yes those are issues that are important, more or less, but not as important as the fact our society is run, at the top, by criminals. And it is not that this is hard to determine. The evidence is overwhelming and we don’t even have to go to the assassinations of the sixties or 9/11 or anything like that. No just the simple facts as they are The government and the media allowed massive fraud to occur in both Democratic and Republican administrations.

In 2006 one third of all lending were “liar’s loans” meaning that these loans were deliberately created out of falsified income statements and property appraisals. Washington Mutual, Andrew Cuomo (when he was AG of NY) found out, had created a blacklist of honest appraisers that were never to be used. Regulators, the FBI and many others consistently warned that there would be a financial crisis because of massive fraud going on. I knew it, though I’m hardly that well-connected I just happened to know a Wall Street guy who tole me in 2005 that the whole thing was going to blow in the next few years because Wall Street was creating fraudulent instruments.

In the S & L crisis there were 1000 FBI agents investigating criminals at the top and there were over 1000 convictions even though many particularly high profile suspects got away due to political influence. But in the more recent crisis that was 70 times greater only 120 agents were assigned to mortgage fraud!!!! On the surface this looks like massive criminality and I can assure you that a clear case with loads of evidence beyond anything that I’m indicating here can prove that the basis of our current political economy is naked criminality in almost every sphere, to be sure, but particularly prevalent in the financial industry. I’m also confident that there is no possible counter-argument.

The fact this is so obvious has to automatically indict the mainstream media from Fox News to PBS for covering up and refusing to cover the truth about the financial crisis which, as I said, is stunningly obvious. It will then quickly be seen how corrupt the media is. Not the reporters who do what they can but who have editors that continually and systematically discourage them to pursue stories that might make powerful people look bad (other than celebs, but they are toys of powerful people so they don’t count). When people understand that, for the most part, they are being fed a pile of turds everyday that they then have to pretend to eat–man, no wonder people are stressed and the U.S. leads the world in mental illness.

All we have to do is hammer away at those two issues ONLY and then the unassailable wall around the imperial court will break. We don’t have to talk about income inequality just criminality–not about class-struggle just criminality–not about the environment just criminality. We don’t have to argue with Tea Baggers about anything–just say that crime is a bad thing dontcha think? No argument. Sure a few will say, but it was Acorn that caused the crash, gov’t bureaucrats who wanted to put people in homes–you say sure AND those banks made a lot of money falsifying information, corrupting appraisers, originators. There’s no absence of proof and no possible counter-argument to the central fact that our problem is not Republicans or Democrats or private enterprise of the government our problem is criminal gangs have taken over–over and out.


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    • banger on March 13, 2013 at 22:07

    needs to make some comment. I think I’ve come up with something here. I hope we can liven up things just a tad.  

  1. is document the atrocities and point out the two truths you mention.  It’s not that specific issues are not important, it’s that there are so many of them.

    Of course if a specific issue is near and dear to your heart, feel free to focus.  We have room for that too.

    • BobbyK on March 15, 2013 at 05:37

    infrequent commenter. Even more infrequent writer.

    I like the concept. Criminality has cross spectrum ire.

    It needs to be documented again and again and again.

    It can also serve to unite and expose people to the rampant hypocrisy of the establishment narratives.

    I agree that there is a “silent majority” so to speak, a huge group of under appreciated “sick of being lied to” folks who would be happy to vote out everyone complicit. (which is basically everyone.)

    My vote has to be earned. I won’t be taken advantage of.

    Always happy to read your pieces banger.  

  2. We’ve seen political/economic criminality on the largest scale in world history. The American people have been conditioned to believe that this can go unanswered, further reinforcing an environment of absolute power corrupting absolutely. Even our political leaders tell us stuff like ‘the ark of time bends toward justice’ etc., as if justice just happens. The ark of time bends toward the big consuming/capturing the little. People have had to unite and fight for whatever justice they’ve been able to get, while corrupt power structures work keep the people divided through their control of the media etc. (preventing public unity), making it easier for them to block/undo anything resembling social justice. All of our rights will quickly disappear in the absence of social justice.

    These trends will not reverse within our lifetimes. We’re swimming in ignorance and ‘liberals’ are still the problem.  

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