Now That It’s Confirmed It Is All Over For Obama, What About Global Warming?

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There is a bit of snark in claiming Tom Harkin’s dictum that failure to reform filibuster rules in the Senate ends any hope meaningful accomplishment for the Obama Administration is supported by Krugman’s analysis that says it was all over anyway with Republicans owning the House – but not nearly as much as sane people would hope.

Not that there was much to hope for from the Obama Administration in any case.

From what we think we know (humans know very little but we are all sure we know a lot) global warming [I prefer that nomenclature to the weasel wording of “climate change”] is a potent threat to all life on the planet akin to the Great Dying 250 million years when all life was nearly exterminated.

Five networks interview Chris Christie about Hurricane Sandy — and they’re all afraid to mention global warming…

The imaginary Robin Hood could not have shot an arrow straighter or truer to pierce the heart of the frivolity and hypocrisy of the mass media than David Sirota did with this paper missile.  Little wonder Sirota has so many enemies even among the negligible number of actual liberals.

Is there any hope then?

– Sure there is.

On the day you die, you can hope you won’t if you are still at all sentient.

Not likely it will do much good but you are always allowed hope.

Best, Terry