Post Election Redux: What Republicans Have Not Learned from Losing

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While Republicans at the federal level appear to understand that they have a huge demographics problem with Latino and women voters, the lesson of the loss has failed to reach the Republicans at the state level. As Rachel Maddow explains in states where Republicans control the legislature and governorship, they are taking further steps to pass legislation that cracks down on undocumented immigrants, gay rights and women’s access to abortion and reproductive health care:

But where Republicans are really in control of government, as in Kansas for example, Maddow said the party is taking steps to “crack down on immigrants who want to go to college.” She also said that the Republican leadership in Indiana is moving to add a constitutional ban on gay marriage to the state constitution-in a state where gay marriage is already illegal. In Ohio, Maddow said, one of the first things the state government did after the November election was hold a hearing on defunding Planned Parenthood. [..]

Maddow added that Republicans at the state level are still “waging wars” on issues like immigration, abortion, and gay marriage, even though members of the party seem to be saying otherwise on a national level. Speaking of the differences between Republican messages, Maddow said, “Somebody should tell the Beltway, or maybe it’s funnier if we don’t.”

Keep in mind some of these same Republican governors, like Wisconsin’s union and women hating Scott Walker and Louisiana’s creationist Bobby Jindal, are considered top contenders for the 2016 presidential ticket. And you thought they couldn’t do worse that Mitt Romney.  


    • TMC on November 28, 2012 at 08:38
    • banger on November 29, 2012 at 23:03

    At a very local level, it makes sense for Republicans to cater to the cultural prejudices of white people in those areas they already rule. What is the payoff of not doing so? People really do think all the weird things that were said on the campaign trail, particularly in the primaries and worse. Hopefully this is a diminishing section of the population but they will still hold sway in many areas for at least then next decade so it makes sense for Republicans to serve that constituency and they get elected.

    On the national level they can no longer win elections with the kind of nativistic attitudes they display.  

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