The Virtual Recovery or Major Structural Change

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Paul Craig Roberts is, in many ways, one of the most interesting political commentators of our time. I’m not going to say he is always right but he is very happy to think outside the box of our traditional political arrangements. He is on the left and the right–he is an example of the sort of thinking we need that will transcend the traditional “liberal/conservative” categories which have become just our version of competing soccer hooligans. My few years of commenting on Daily Kos showed me how vicious so-called liberals are when confronted with ideas that go beyond slogans.

Robert’s latest essay deserves some attention and is available here. What he is saying, essentially, is what he has been saying for some time that our “recovery” is not really a recovery if you factor in real inflation. He makes the point that current government announcements about the economy are similar to government announcement on the wars we undertake, i.e., they are false.

I would go further I don’t believe we are in a long-term depression or recession in the traditional sense–what we are undergoing is a major structural change in our political economy and our society that reflects the current cultural reality.

The single most important thing to understand about the culture we live in is that it is now not based in creating a vibrant economy or even maintaining and expanding an empire. Its focus is on enabling most Americans to live in a world of custom fantasies because, for a variety of reasons, that is what most Americans want. Most Americans do not want to face reality or think beyond their daily tasks that put them in a position to watch reality shoes, sports, pursue various addictions and create their little interesting dramas. Larger-scale interests where we act in common are devalued. The source of meaning for us, increasingly, lies in fantasy role-playing because, without ever realizing it, the plutocrats have cut off our political legs by creating a system of propaganda and mind-control, sometimes using science and often just creative genius, to make people believe that they need product X or need to vote for candidate Y. The ability for the corporate state to control its subject population through capturing, not so much its consent, but its subconscious is what marks our age. Thus we do not question the phony statistics on inflation or unemployment or anything else. Thus we are unable to put two and two together to make four unless some authority says it’s so.  


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    • banger on October 29, 2012 at 22:26

    or no thoughts? Either way is ok.

  1. articles over the years.  I suppose, because of his past experience in government, he is able to slice through the veneer to see the reality of so much.  Certainly, the reality of the picture he paints in this current article is no exception to his abilities.

    The ultimate possible scenario with China, I think, is one of completely possible, if not, probable, outcomes, if we continue on the same path in relation to them and, sad to say, it would be our recompense, or as the phrase is so widely used, our “collateral damage.”  

    Anyway, without meaning to sound utterly hopeless, no matter what corner you look in, global warming, economy, environment, etc., the future of just about anything is not looking very good.

  2. IMHO, this “structural change” has been going on for quite some time and we’ve already been living under one-world government for quite some time. Once international trade policies have been captured, the economics of unrestricted world trade will eventually ‘harmonize’ all human rights standards (resulting in lower human rights and living standards for US citizens, if continued unrestricted or ‘free’). International trade relationships ultimately dictate the individual sovereignty of citizens within participating nations/states (by virtue of ‘competitive’ global economic forces, if the trade relationships remain ‘free’/unrestricted). IMHO, one-world government is old news. We shouldn’t have to wait for the official announcement, if we have a solid understanding of the connection between international trade policy and human rights standards (and the ultimate political ‘harmonization’, if the trade relationships remain ‘free’/unrestricted).

    There is no fundamental difference between the unrestricted importation of sweatshop labor goods and running those actual sweatshops here (and it’s just a matter of time before that happens).

  3. Google it first to see the negative comments.

    Also CVS aisle signs tell you to get your flu shot.  I mean one can barely get down a single aisle but the CVS I was in did not have these flu shot advert signs in the cosmetic aisle not the Hallmark cards aisles.  I had to wonder why.  Lots of people get paid to study these marketing memes.

    Roberts I like,  Catherine Austin Fitts and Charolette Iserbyte too.


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