Open Debate: Romney’s Tax Plan

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This weekend on MSNBC’s Up with Chris Hayes Nobel Prize winning economist Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz and Avik Roy, an adviser to Presidential Republican nominee Mitt Romney, debate the nominee’s tax plan and its impact on Americans.

In the second segment, Prof. Stiglitz and Mr. Roy try to outline what is known about Mr. Romney’s tax plan and whether he would be able to implement the plan if elected president.


    • TMC on October 9, 2012 at 06:55
    • banger on October 9, 2012 at 14:42

    The guy is brilliant. I have no idea how he does it–speaking that fast and trying to synthesize a set of ideas into some kind of logical framework. Problem is that he talks too fast and most people cannot grasp what he is saying, I suspect. Personally, I can follow his thought process if I’m paying close attention. In the TV format it is hard to go into the depths of any issue and Hays actually gets to more depth than most other talking heads on TV.

    The lone Republican dude was lost, in large part, because he cannot truly say what he thinks and express the real agenda of the right which is to create a modified form of feudalism which decentralizes authority nominally to the states and localities but, practically, to the large corporate interests who pack enormous power which the right wants to expand so that these entities will actually be the institutions that dominate the political landscape.

    Having said that the Democratic Party, for all its rhetoric, favors the same basic policy with the exception that it wants the federal gov’t to be the method to impose the corporate agenda so that it can be somewhat modified by Washington. My problems with that is that I honestly believe the Democratic approach gives a leg up to large corporations through federal statutes and the Republican approach makes the corporate sector fight it out more on the local level. In the end I’m not sure which is worse but either way the people lose and the people lose because they have decided to live in the Matrix and that they can cast their morals aside just for the privilege of that blue pill.    

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