Europe: Up or down in flames?

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Oh, boy.  I thought pre-emptively awarding Obama the Nobel Pleas Prize was the feeblest, most child-like display of “please, daddy, don’t euthanize Fluffy the Furniture Slayer,” imaginable, and then the fucking pig farmers hand one to the economic collapse known as Europe, which means bombs are being autographed as I type.   Don’t say you didn’t have a seat at the table of this end-of-growth, post-industrial horror show.  How ’bouts we start off this nine-course, debt-deflationary extravaganza with some tasty civil wars in the peripheries as central bankers tighten their sphincters around your neck? Talk about a kiss of death…  


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  1. Now I know what to name my next cat.

    • TMC on October 15, 2012 at 8:08 am

    Some Norwegians Dismayed Over Nobel Peace Prize for European Union

    The Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union has opened old fault lines in Norway’s domestic political landscape and raised the ticklish question of why the country has twice rejected joining the 27-member union.

    Thorbjorn Jagland, a former Norwegian prime minister from the Labor Party who is chairman of the Nobel committee, championed Norway’s last drive for European Union membership, in 1994, but voters rejected the idea. He faced criticism on Friday that he was engaging in politics by honoring the bloc.

    “The award is being steered by domestic political motives,” Audun Lysbakken, leader of the Socialist Left Party, said in a statement.

    The Socialist Left Party, which often attacks European Union policies, even suggested that Mr. Jagland exploited the sick leave of a Socialist Left committee member, who had suffered a stroke and was therefore not able to argue against the selection. The five-member committee is appointed by Norway’s Parliament to reflect roughly the political makeup of the legislature, currently ruled by a center-left coalition dominated by Labor and which includes the Socialist Left.

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