We All Shine On

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John Lennon . . .

I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites. All I want is the truth.  Just gimme some truth.

Politicians don’t tell us the truth, the conventions are meaningless, the political system is rigged, the government, the economy, and the media are controlled by uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites.  They have immense power and material wealth, they all have a very high opinion of themselves, but one artist with a conscience and the truth is worth more to humanity than every politician, banker, and businessman who ever lived.

John Lennon had a conscience, he told the truth, about himself, about society, about politics, about what matters and what doesn’t.

Why in the world are we here?

Surely not to live in pain and fear.

We have to shine on, no matter what. We have to shine on because the night has come and the land is dark.  We have to stand by each other, we have to pick each other up when we fall.  That’s not socialism, it’s not Marxism, it’s not entitlement fever, it’s why we’re here.  Making money isn’t what life’s about, seeking power over others isn’t what life’s about, helping each other is what life’s about.    

People say progressive websites have no influence, Republicans ridicule us and Democrats ignore us, but we’re pushing the barriers, we’re planting seeds, we’re mind guerrillas, chanting the mantra Peace on Earth.  We’re going to keep doing that, because love is the answer, and we know that for sure.

The Republicans have had their convention, the Democrats are having theirs.  Well this is John Lennon’s convention, it’s the Give Peace a Chance convention, it’s the Power To the People convention.  It’s not being held in a building somewhere, it’s not surrounded by security barricades and police with clubs, it won’t be over in three days, it will shine on in space and in time, long after Romney and Obama and all the other corrupt politicians of corporate capitalism’s final freak show are gone.


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    • Rusty1776 on September 5, 2012 at 4:51 am
  1. I know you’re a dreamer . . . . !!!!!!

    • banger on September 5, 2012 at 6:05 pm

    and on and on….

    We have to remember that the truth is painful and Lennon used a lot of heroin and alcohol to keep things from getting out of hand within himself as many do who are sensitive to the truth.

    To actually see things as they are is to invite pain into your house that’s why so few want to do it. And, btw, in today’s world there is no way about it. There is no magic technique of positive-thinking or visualization, or tantric work or anything like that. There is no all inclusive intellectual framework (-ism) that will cover the truth–because it will kick and scream and poison all your wells one way or another.

    That’s why we need to trust in our process and shine on. It will get us where we need to go–it will have to hurt or it won’t mean a thing.  

    • Rusty1776 on September 5, 2012 at 8:33 pm
  2. Black Agenda Report: Two-thirds of planet backs Iran against “West”

  3. 2012 passing the galactic center and we all get bathed in subliminal energy and all of the dark forces fade away, we assume our rightful destiny with our newly acquired Godlike mind powers over our universe, access to the fourth dimension and time space vs our previous three dimensional limitations living merely in space time.

    In short the more time I spend with the horses to more I realize how fucked up we are as the predatory species.

  4. love words. love books. love music.

    love feelings. love laughs. love tears.

    love ideas. love poems. love imaginings.

    love luminosity. love luminance. love homo-luminous.

    love reasons. love seasons. love the age of illumination.

    love the infinite. love the endless. love the boundless.

    love orgasms. love being. love every moment.

    simply love… simply love… simply love…

    science has fought Religion for far too long.

    science has seen the face of God in mathematics.  

    science has stirred the Universe the invisible & visible.

    science has achieved an understanding of the Creation.

    Thoughts… Thoughts… Thoughts…

    a star blasts outwards, seeding lighted-worlds, with animating elements.

    a star crushes inwards,  sowing black-holes, lightless gravity portals.

    creation & annihilation is divinity.

    cosmic consciousness birthed by sacred evolution.

    cosmic consciousness sourced by energy, matter, spirit.

    a universe expands, into gravitational lightness, with a big bang.

    a universe collapses, disappears to lightlessness, in a big crunch.

    creation & annihilation is holiness.

    cosmic consciousness stirs dynamic oomph, evolutions spore.

    cosmic consciousness initiates divine being, evolutions goal.

    each incarnate design

    is but a single drop      

    in the immense ocean

    of cosmic existence, Universal Being, Oneness…

    floating on infinity… moving toward the light of cognizance

    listening with eyes closed… wide-awake dreams become reality

    soul sailing upon light waves… expanding the dimensions of creation

    awakening to the ambient universe… becoming the evolution revolution

    “Love & Light”, the Omega Point of digital physics, infinite in all directions, holographic spacetime Love-Light,

    neural sunshine synapses, photonic electrical Holy-Light, multi-dimensional intellect within conscious mind,

    within aroused magnetic awareness, directional information apprehension, convergent cosmogenesis,

    the stuff of the universe… expressed as boundless life, a celestial dance of light, biosphere earth’s are alive,

    awakened within the universal mind, awakened within the heart of the interstellar soul, awakened forward,

    awakened in Loving Lightness, from the microcosmos of the Higgs-Boson, to the macrocosmos of Galaxies…

    …all flow forward in time, forward, toward an evolutionary future of higher & higher consciousness…

    …….”Love & Light” is the path toward becoming one with the One. the One is God. God’s name is Love,

    that we may love as God loves. God’s way is Light, that we may see as God sees. all is Love. all is Light.

    all is One within the God of “Love & Light”……. walk the path of Glorified Love & Sanctified Light. be One.

    Thoughts… Thoughts… Thoughts…

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