Short Extemporaneous Observation

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So here I sit perched on a limb of a tree trying to construct a mobile, tied to a branch with the major challenge of balancing the two sides of the horizontal bamboo using my selected dangling doodads, without falling off. I don’t like making mobiles first and then hanging them.

Now this tree is roughly 220 years old, the same age as our constitution; which happens

to be pruned by caretakers in black robes with life tenure. It’s a coed group today. I

doubt they socialize much. But they’re good bullshitters. I was trained in law too and my classes were also coed.

Now this so called Constitution was conceived by a few, intelligent, semi/appointed/annoited/chosen fans of the Roman Senate who just happened to accidentally omit the Declaration of Independence (that great document that gave the reasons for the great revolution just a few years back)from said new Social Compact that virtually nobody ratified and yet bound all future generations. Really strange when you

think about it.

Now these guys who didn’t have a clue about photosynthesis, molecular biology,

anthropology/evolution, nutrition, childbirth and women generally, etc. multipled by

great stupidity because they couldn’t figure out how to profit from tobacco without

slavery and perfect THEIR union without conquest, got themselves and everybody else

“out on a limb” (thus the inspiration of this short essay).

Now I for one have never been asked to sign up for this social compact; which is kind of weird because I assume I’m a free agent with free will. As far as I can remember, my earliest recollection of any type of political commitment was the requirement to say the pledge in kindergarten. And of course occasionally confronted with things in life like being told to register for the draft and be ready for jury duty (but remember

that the judge decides the rules of evidence and the validity of the law).

Did we really have to wait 10,000 years for the first amendment? Really, Really strange when you think about it.



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  1. time to “construct!”  And I do think 10,000 years is a tad bit too long to wait for the first amendment . . . I mean, really!

    LOL!  Very amusing analogy/history!  

    Great wit, bigsurtree!

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