My Little Town — Easy Decisions 20120919: Regular Blog or Time Well Spent

Those of you that read this regular series know that I am from Hackett, Arkansas, just a mile or so from the Oklahoma border, and just about 10 miles south of the Arkansas River.  It was a rural sort of place that did not particularly appreciate education, and just zoom onto my previous posts to understand a bit about it.

Tonight I did not post a blog, because The Woman and I spent just about all of our waking hours together, until five minutes ago, and it was just then 10:50 PM Eastern.  It was an easy decision.

As much as I love all of my online family, I must confess that spending time with her is much more important to me.  I sincerely hope that no one takes offense at that.  I think that I know most of you well enough to feel that you agree with me about this.

It started out slowly, just talking over the telephone, then she asked me to come and visit.  Of course I did!

Whilst The Little Girl was awake, the three of us did group activities, like taking a walk, eating an ice cream treat that The Woman gave us, and of all mundane things, fixing a hamster cage with hardware clothe that I already had.  The Woman and I fixed it, whilst The Little Girl attempted to “help”.  Those of you who ever have had a three year old will know what I mean.

But The Little Girl went to bed early, whilst I was running an errand for The Woman.  To Wal-Mart I went to pick up her prescription.  By the time I got back, The Little Girl was fast asleep and The Woman and I spent many more wonderful hours together, laughing, joking, holding, and each of us saying, “I love you” to each other.  It was wonderful!

She and I NEVER have a harsh word towards each other, and she brought that up tonight as we were just enjoying the company of the other.  It was a special night.  You see, our plans changed.

The original agreement was that she would cut my hair after The Little Girl went down.  She abrogated that agreement, and told me that she would cut it tomorrow morning, so that we could, to use our mutual words, “visit”, each other tonight.  I will get that haircut, but tomorrow morning and spend even MORE time with each other.

I feel very content.

The errand was to pick up her ear numbing prescription at the big box store, which I did happily.  I also bought her some Reese cups, but she gave the money for them to me.  I also bought her, as a free gift, a nice stainless steel spatula for turning her food as she cooks it.  She fed me dinner when I got back even after The Little Girl was down.

We played with each other, in a nonsexual way, all night.  We did arts and crafts, making really useful nylon net pot scrubbers.  We sat and talked, gently and lovingly.  We folded ALL of the clean laundry at her house, and I LOVE to help her do that for her and for The Little Girl.

We cleaned up the living room at her house, taking all of The Little Girl’s toys to the toy room, then we swept the front room.  Her mum was going to send me away to get all of these things done, but backed out of that when she, for the hundredth time, realized that I do not come to call just to get in The Woman’s pants (WE HAVE NEVER HAD SEX!), but rather to show that I feel honored being part of the family, because I have very little of my own left.

Not long before it was time for me to go home, I motioned for The Woman to come to her kitchen.  She came, and we held each other is what I characterize as not just a friendly hug.  It was wonderful, and she said to me, without any prompting, “I love you, Dave.”

Do you know how much that means to me?  You know that I try to find British Invasion music that fits my mood, but in this case, this fits it perfectly:

Am I a hopeless romantic?  I hope so, because that is part of me.  She and I discussed that for quite a while tonight, and she sort of likes me being an emotional person.  The other men in her life have been emotional, but only for the “me, me, me” part of emotion.  I am the only man in her life, but for her dad, that puts more importance on “you, you, you!”.  She appreciates that, and knows how I feel.

I know that this is very personal, but it is important.  Please wish us well!  I want to make her happy, and I do know that she wants to make me happy.  That is what love does.

Warmest regards,

Doc, aka Dr. David W. Smith

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  1. one of the most wonderful days in my recent memory?

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