“Corporations Are Not People”

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No, Governor Romney, corporations are not people. People have hearts, they have kids, they get jobs, they get sick, they cry, they dance. They live, they love, and they die. And that matters. That matters because we don’t run this country for corporations, we run it for people.

~Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democratic candidate for the US Senate.

Full transcript of Ms. Warren’s speech can be read here. h/t Market Watch

Disclaimer: This is in no way an endorsement of any candidate. We at The Stars Hollow Gazette and Docudharma are neutral and encourage open discussion of all candidates and policies.


    • TMC on September 8, 2012 at 01:50
    • banger on September 8, 2012 at 16:19

    but this hasn’t been the trend for decades. The trend, approved by the people, has been to further empower corporations. The people may theoretically support a humanistic agenda but they tend to vote against it. Being “fooled” in no excuse.  

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