Like a Blowtorch Burning

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Steadily increasing child poverty is exposing the moral bankruptcy of America’s political and economic systems and has ominous implications, for as child poverty increases, it’s igniting a destructive chain reaction of cause and effect, with dire long-term consequences for the stability of American society.  

Jillian Berman, “One In Four Young U.S. Children Living In Poverty” . . .

Children who are poor before age 6 have been shown to experience educational deficits, and health problems, with effects that span the life course.  Elevated rates of child poverty could have dire consequences for the country down the line, for child poverty is a leading indicator of a country’s future, nearly all of the social problems that we worry about are heavily correlated with child poverty.

They don’t realize it now, they probably never will, but through their relentless pursuit of policies that only benefit the top one-percent and punish everyone else, the alleged elites of this psychotic system are ensuring their own destruction.  The deceit traffickers in that cartel of criminals that used to be Congress can keep bulldozing piles of cash to the rich, they can keep building more prisons, they can keep militarizing the police, they can keep expanding surveillance, they can keep criminalizing dissent, but none of that’s going to matter when time runs out, when they have no legitimacy left, when poverty has become so pervasive that nothing can contain the bitterness of tens of millions of people betrayed by their own government.  And then betrayed again.

Week in and week out.

Month after month.

Year after year.  

That bitterness will become anger and then rage, and the revolution that so many on the Left say will never happen, that so many idiots on the Right believe is being incited by Obama of all people, that revolution the security state is bracing itself for, will erupt all around us, and burn like a blowtorch across America.

It doesn’t matter what I say about it, it doesn’t matter what you say about it, it doesn’t matter who believes it’s coming or who denies even the possibility of it, the tipping point has already come and gone.  Revolutions develop psychologically, they simmer in the collective consciousness until a trigger event occurs and revolt becomes reality as the psychological readiness for it is manifested in actions.  The trigger event isn’t a cause, it’s an effect, it’s the inevitable result of conditions that are already in place.  

Lenin . . .

There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen.

We’ve been through the decades when nothing happens, and now we’ve seen weeks when decades happen, we’ve seen it all across the Middle East.  The corrupt governments of Europe and America will be the next to fall, it’s just a matter of when.

When they fall, when the old power structures are gone and new ones have emerged, people will look back and see how inevitable it all was, they’ll remember the poisonous culture of materialism, the raping of the environment, the years of degradation when everything was reversed.  What should have been alive was dead, what should have been dead was alive, what should have been set free was bound, what should have been bound was set free, what should have been done was not done, what should never have been done was done.

The Netroots gatekeepers are not doing what they need to do, they’re doing what they should never do.  They’re not part of the solution, they’re part of the problem.  I have a request for them, a request for Kos and Hamsher and Marshall and Digby et al, for the Obamabot scribblers, for everyone still claiming that Democrats deserve our support. I’m just a forgotten writer on a forgotten website, but I’m going to make this request anyway.  

Let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late . . .


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  1. Thanks, Rusty!  The poverty of children in this country is a subject way too hidden from the consciousness of Americans — afterall, those little souls cannot be seen or heard!

    While traveling here and there, I listen to Progressive Radio, the commentators and the callers calling in on comments, etc.  Yesterday, while listening to the Stephanie Miller show in the a.m., a caller called in . . . . irate!  “What kind of country do we live in when our children are starving and the politicians are spending obscene amounts of money on campaigns and ads?  This country really needs to get a grip.  Everything is screwed up! . . . . .!”  I listened intently!  How many times have I had the exact same thoughts.

    Children who suffer malnutrition do not make for good school children either.  Malnutrition affects everything, including the ability to comprehend properly and respond properly.  In other words, it affects (their) learning abilities.

    But, in reality, we would not be in this disastrous mess at all had forethought truly been given to THE CHILDREN!


  2. Forgotten?

    We’ve always tried to provide a place for advanced points of view.  Some are disappointed that we’re not leading more direct action, but I like people to make up their own minds.

    I think blogs are rather public places and are better at communicating and informing than they are at organizing so that’s not my goal.

    My subversive agenda is revolution in small things.  Stop rewarding people for doing a bad and malicious job.  Move your money, inflate your tires, and stop watching Cable ‘News’!

    The more I amuse and inform you, the less time you’ll spend poisoning your mind with propoganda.

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