When All the Towers Have Fallen Down

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Thomas Wolfe . . .

For everywhere, through the immortal dark, across the land, there has been something moving in the night, something stirring in the hearts of the people, and something crying in their blood–where shall we go now, and what shall we do?

The Right is waiting for great destinies in the old, red light of evening, inhaling and exhaling paranoia like smoke from a crack pipe.  Awaiting great destinies like Reagan’s ninth term, like the destruction of the Usurper, like the banning of contraception, like the vaporizing of Iran.  Fascism is stirring in their hearts, white supremacy is crying in their blood, defying reality is their addiction, burning it at the stake is their agenda.

That’s where they’ll go now.  That’s what they’ll do.  

The Left is wandering through Purgatory, paying the price for known and unknown sins, enduring the consequences of what we’ve done and haven’t done, of what we’ve said and haven’t said, of what we’ve believed and refuse to believe.  The Sacrament of Lesser Evil was given unto us, it was proclaimed from the Pulpit of Daily Kos, preached by the cardinals and the archbishops of the Netroots, intoned by the bishops and priests, sung by the choir and chanted by the monks in every More-and-Better-Democrats monastery from TPM to Digby’s Hullabaloo.

The conclave met and gave us Pope Obama I, the Pontiff of Pragmatism, the Holy Father of Lesser Evil, and they kissed his ring, and pledged homage and fealty, and warn of damnation for anyone who won’t drink from that cup of centrist sewage they call communion wine.  

So here we are.  

Where shall we go now?  And what shall we do?  

We go where we’ve always gone, into the front ranks of the fight for justice.  We do what we’ve always done, we tell the truth.

We all know that much of what we say is never heard, that most of what we say will be lost.  We will vanish as earlier generations of progressives have vanished.  But we also know what they’ve all known, that the vanished step is better than the stone it walked upon, and that one lost word will live when all the towers have fallen down.


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    • TMC on July 6, 2012 at 01:03

    in this election. From a commenter at naked capitalism in an article by Matt Stoller:

    I am amused by the Obama apologists on this thread invoking partisan reasons why we should support their transpartisan candidate. I especially like the recycling of talkingpoints like “Vote for Obama because OMG Romney’s Supreme Court choices!” This was tired and discredited when it was trotted out 4 years ago. Since then Obama has put two people on the Supreme Court, both corporatists. The main difference is that Sotomayor is a technician whereas Kagan believes in the doctrine of vast Executive powers. Neither is liberal, neither is even remotely progressive. So we are being told to vote for Obama because he will nominate people to the Supreme Court who don’t represent your views. And this is supposed to induce me to vote for him how exactly?

       Oh yeah, because Romney’s choices will be so much worse. Oh noes! Except for this one little thing or actually 3 things. Democrats hold the Senate. The Senate Judiciary Committee is composed of 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans. The Democrats could vote down any nominee either in committee or on the Senate floor. Even if they didn’t have majority control, they could still filibuster any nominee. The only way Romney could nominate anyone to the Supreme Court is with the collusion of the Democrats. In other words, if a “terrible” Romney choice made it to the Supreme Court, it would be because Democrats helped him do it. And we all know this is the way it would go down because that’s how all the conservative nutcases currently on the Court got there. So again, this is supposed to make me want to vote for Democrats exactly why?

    If Democrats manage to hold the majority in the Senate for 2013, the only way I can envision getting a real progressive, left leaning jurist on the Supreme Court is to end the filibuster. Face with the Tea party coup in the House, they had that opportunity in January 2011 and blew it. Thank you Harry Reid.

    At this point, we need all the towers to tumble before the rest of America wakes up and it won’t matter who sits in the oval office. I stopped voting for the lesser evil in 2008.


  1. Those who would use their freedom to support an agenda that takes freedom away from others, never deserved freedom.

    For thousands of years, liberals have operated on the flawed assumption that everyone deserves freedom. See sentence one.

    It will take thousands more years for liberals to learn this lesson, and it will be a hard lesson to learn.

  2. I alway liked George McGovern.

  3. “I, Pet Goat II” on the homepage of the animation outfit Heliofant.


  4. And my Russian boss thought the US was a socialist country way way back in 1984.  It’s all a question of media and how one convinces the soldiers of whatevernation to dust the snow off their war memorials.  As always globalist bankers get a free pass.

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