Occupy Wall Street Targets the National Conventions

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There’s room at the top they are telling you still,

But first you must learn how to smile as you kill.

The more you smile as you kill, the higher you go. In American politics. In American banking. In American business.  All of those smiling killers have been smiling even more in 2012, because they think the Occupy Movement is dying.  Dying like democracy is, dying like equality is, as dying like justice is.

William Rivers Pitt . . .

We are told that the Occupy movement is over, finished, and irrelevant, but I strongly disagree. It is relevant because it happened: the passion required to bring needed change to this nation is out there, all around you, and the evidence of that was there for all to see last year. That passion, that desire, and those numbers are still there, multiplying and gathering strength for the struggles to come.

Occupy, like all the other great movements in American history, is passing through its infancy. The civil rights struggle was an afterthought in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, until the slow and steady groundswell of popular support delivered the Civil Rights Act and the end of legalized Jim Crow racism in America. The anti-war movement was barely a blip on the screen of popular consciousness for many, many years, until it exploded everywhere, ended a war, and took down a president.

Occupy’s infancy will end, and when it does, we will be participants in and witnesses to another moment in history, a moment when the righteous tide will wash in and sweep away the filth that pollutes us as a people and a country.

The smiling killers flying in for the Republican National Convention won’t be smiling for long.

Tampa Bay Times . . .

Tampa will swarm with discontent during the Republican National Convention. Protesters have filed requests to march, bike, rally, etc . . . but as those permit requests offer local officials an early glimpse of how the city will be transformed in August, they don’t tell the whole story.  Many groups don’t intend to inform the city, much less ask permission. Their nascent plans will draw activists beyond the event zone to targets throughout Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Occupy RNC, which is separate from the better-known Occupy Tampa, has set up camp in Ybor City and plans to protest without permits.  “We made an official decision at our community gathering that we are willing to protest, to do civil disobedience throughout the city of Tampa,” said co-founder Al Suarez.

The Tampa Bay Times forgot to tell it’s readers why Occupy Wall Street is targeting the Republican National Convention.

This is why . . .

The smiling killers flying in for the Democratic National Convention won’t be smiling for long either.

March on Wall Street South

Progressives from around the state, from across the South and from all over the country will converge in Charlotte to oppose policies of the Democratic Party and their banking cronies.  Charlotte is the “Wall Street of the South.” With the world headquarters of Bank of America and the East Coast headquarters of Wells Fargo, it is the second largest concentration of finance capital in the U.S. after New York City.

Charlotte Observer . . .

At a news conference outside Charlotte’s police headquarters, protesters from several organizations said they plan to demonstrate at the Democratic National Convention this summer to showcase a wide range of issues.  The conference, held across the street from the former Occupy Charlotte encampment, was a message to the city that thousands plan to be in Charlotte to protest issues including immigration policy, women’s rights and social inequality.  The consortium of nearly 70 groups is officially called Wall Street South, and plans a rally in Frazier Park near uptown on Sept. 2, the day before the convention kicks off.

The Occupy Movement is targeting the national conventions.  They’re going to march, they’re going to protest, they’re going to confront the corrupt politicians of both corporate parties.


This is why . . .


Updates on all of Occupy Wall Street’s plans and activities are available here: Key Occupations and Upcoming Events


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  1. Poignant video you’ve put together . . . . should embed a few images in the minds of people!  Heh!

    BTW, I don’t see North Dakota in the upcoming lists of events!  Hmmmm, looks like we’re going to have to fly you somewhere!!!!

  2. I stopped by to see what’s happening here; I’d just suggested to aprescoup at Mosquito Cloud he stop by here and a few other sites with an idea he hopes might work to blend ‘heterodox voices’, as he says.  ;o)

    Just looked at your archives, and it’s odd you weren’t here when I posted here in 2011, I think it was (the html stuff finally blew me out; too old to learn it, even with help).

    Anyway, a few of us are hibernating at kgblogz.com, though participation is up or down; some new folks came recently, more refugees from fdl…  (I still post there some, but my days are numbered, and…my.fdl is pretty much a ghost town (their doings…go figure)  Just did a piece on the 97 Dems who voted against the Audit the Fed bill.  Remember in 2010 Jane kicked ass on helping build that coalition that got it passed?  What a difference time makes, eh?

    Good to know you’re still writing; gotta say my muse right now is a bit AWOL, too…

    best to you,

    wendy davis

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