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Republished from 6/4/2010 at The Stars Hollow Gazette

It’s two years and this has not gone away. Some of the titles of the players have switched but essentially all the names are the same. Remember, this was Barack’s idea. We are still up the creek

and can’t afford the paddle.

Shit Creek Paddle Store

The Commission for Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, better known as the “Cat Food Commission” has targeted Social Security and Medicare for some serious reductions that will put many senior citizens and future senior citizens in jeopardy of being relegated to homeless shelters or the streets. Sound harsh, over the top? Well listen to the co-chair former Sen. Alan Simpson, who was hand picked by President Barack Obama, in the video below the fold. And how about Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi who purposely put a “requirement that the House will vote on the deficit commission’s recommendations in the lame duck session if they pass the Senate“?

Alan Simpson: Cutting Social Security Benefits to “Take Care of the Lesser People in Society”

(transcript for the hearing impaired is in this link)

Cutting Social Security and Medicare is how Sen. Simpson thinks the US can obtain fiscal responsibly works and his co-chair, Investment banker and former Clinton chief of Staff Erskine Bowles, who negotiated Social Security cuts with Newt Gingrich, now wants to do it again.

Although the commission is composed of 10 Democrats and 8 Republicans and the final report will need a super majority of 14 to pass, most of the members are Wall St. fiscal conservatives to whom Obama and Congress have catered.

Warnings from both House Majority and Minority leaders, Rep. John Conyers and John Boehner, that the final report will be presented to a lame duck Congress were ignored by Obama, Reid and Pelosi who are determined to bring whatever this commission decides to a vote by the end of the year. Now Pelosi has sealed the deal by slipping in the provision into the War Funding bill that requires the House to vote on whatever the Senates passes.

This Presidential Commission, which is also proposing tax hikes beyond the increases in 2011 when the Bush tax cuts expire, is selling out the middle class who is virtually up that “shitty” creek without a paddle and can’t afford to buy a paddle.


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    • TMC on July 5, 2012 at 6:05 pm
  1. Just another sneaky deal from D.C.  But this one will actually “kill” people.  

    The video of Simpson and the “lesser people” from YouTube has been removed (everywhere).  I found it and it is here (couldn’t get embedding to work): “Lesser People.”

    Simpson is concocted of lies and low-life scum.  Saying that if the government has to pay back the Social Security Trust Funds the $2.5 trillion it owes the Funds in the way of IOU’s, which are in bonds, as I understand it is unmitigated fabrication.  The government has been “robbing” from these Funds, not theirs to rob, right down the line, and now, we have two unfunded war.  The Feds don’t want to pay back the Social Security Trust Funds the $2.5 trillion they owe. They’re always conniving and trying to find ways to keep monies in their pockets and finding ways to continuously cheat the people.

    Thanks for bringing this to light.  We should keep many phones busy, Pelosi’s, Reid’s, our reps., and those on the war funding committee.  

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