1960’s-1970’s Rock-n-Roll; The 5th Dimension:

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Every so often, I think about and listen to my favorite oldies (1960’s-early/mid-1970’s) rock-n-roll music, which tends to promote a nostalgia for the days when things were crazy, yes, but not as crazy as they are now, and the music (as well as a lot of the movies) back then reflected a certain exuberance that existed in that particular era, which didn’t constantly borderline frenzy, or cross over into frenzy, at least not to the extent that it all too often does during the course of these days.  

Of course, however,  as some people will put it, the good old days weren’t always good.  Along with the good back in the 1960’s and early to mid 1970’s, a lot of bad happened as well, which, unfortunately, contributed a great deal to the United States’ slide to the extreme Right, something that had been waiting in the wings all along.    A strong streak of anti-intellectualism has always permeated the Unites States society and culture, from Day One,  and it has manifested itself in many bizarre or nasty ways, especially starting in the early to mid 1950’s, with the McCarthy Era.  

There are a number of people who claim, both rightly and wrongly, that the United States is sliding into somewhat of a police state, an authoritarian state,  or an outright Fascist state.  Sadly, if one really looks at the history of the United States, the trappings for such a state as what’s mentioned above, have been there since day one, from the old, old Salem Witchhunts to the McCarthy period, and even beyond that, where demonstrators, even peaceful ones (which most of them were), have all too often been roughed  up in the streets by the police, arrested, and even jailed for no good reasons.  It happened during the Civil Rights Movement, our Viet Nam War, the time of our 2nd Iraq war, and it’s happening even now, under this present Administration in Washington.  

Anyway, thought, back to the subject at hand:  I thought I’d write a little bit about a certain rock group that I liked a great deal…and still do;  The 5th Dimension.  I had the good fortune to see them several years ago, in concert, at the Charles River Esplanade here in Boston, as part of the now-defunct summer WODS (103.3 FM) radio (the oldies station), and they were quite good.  Unfortunately, for some strange reason, those concerts are not being done anymore, which is a shame, because they had some really great groups performing on the Esplanade for free, which attracted thousands of people.  I do  miss those days, but what can I do?  I have tons of CD’s of my favorite rock groups from those days, which I listen to a great deal.  I guess I’m somewhat old fashioned at heart, but that’s okay.  

The 5th Dimension was a rather exuberant group, with rather exuberant music.  Here’s a song of theirs that I liked a great deal:


Oh, Sweet Blindness (originally written and sang by the late Laura Nyro) is one of my favorite, if not my alltime favorite hit song of the Dimension.  It’s got a nice, sweet and exuberant rhythm and beat to it.  Here’s another Laura Nyro song that was made a big hit by the 5th Dimension, in the late 1960’s, when I was still a high school kid:


Stone Soul Picnic was also a favorite song of mine, though somewhat slower than Oh Sweet Blindness.  

Here’s another Laura Nyro song that was made a hit, although, unfortunately, it didn’t last as long.  Too bad, because it’s got a sweet, but powerful message that still resonates, even to this day:


Save The Country also has an equally powerful, exuberant rhythm to it, which adds to a strong, powerful message, about the optimism that existed with all the anger back during the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.  

Another Laura Nyro/5th Dimension song coming up


Blowin’ Away also has an exuberant, happy rhythm to it.

This is yet another song of the 5th Dimension, that came out in the late 1960’s, with great harmonies, drums, bass, vocals, etc.  


Another great, happy song that was written by Jim Webb, and popularized by the 5th Dimension, during the late-1960’s;


Paper Cup is cool.

Puppet Man is such a cool song, as well.  

Here is another song, exuberant and yet sad, at the same time, also written by Jim Webb and popularized by the Fifth Dimension during that same period:


Carpet Man seems like a song about snootiness, snobbishness, being overly domineering, and thinking that one can step all over other people that’re supposedly below somebody, with no repercussions.  All too often, this happens in our society, and worldwide.

Another great, happy, exuberant 5th Dimension song coming up:


“California Soul” is another late-1960’s song that rang with much exuberance, reflecting that period.  

Now for the final 5th Dimension song in this diary, this one from the early 1970’s.  Here we go:


I like the Fifth Dimension, but the songs that I’ve posted above are favorites of mine.  Music does reflect the times that it comes out during, and this is no exception.  Here’s  hoping that you all enjoy this diary and listening to the songs.

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