What Is Wrong With Wisconsin?

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MSNBC and other news outlets are calling the Wisconsin recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker for Gov. Walker.

Walker Survives Recall Vote

Scott Walker, the embattled Republican governor of Wisconsin, narrowly survived a recall vote on Tuesday, defeating a union-led effort to remove him from office for pushing laws to restrict the collective bargaining rights of state workers.

The state’s labor movement had marshaled widespread anger earlier this year to force a recall vote just two years into Mr. Walker’s four-year term. Democrats collected close to one million signatures in the petition drive to oust him.

That effort led to the closely-watched rematch between Mr. Walker and the Democratic opponent he beat in 2010, Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee. In the voting Tuesday, Mr. Walker once again bested Mr. Barrett for the state’s top job.

The results were a victory for the national Republican Party and conservative groups from around the country, which had rallied behind Mr. Walker with tens of millions of dollars. Mr. Walker will now complete his term.

Unless, he’s indicted.


    • TMC on June 6, 2012 at 6:30 am
  1. The one problem unions can’t address is outsourcing.  We have had a steady stream of outsourcing in the private sector as a reaction to unions.  First outsourcing was from the north to the south where there were “right to work” (ha ha) laws.  Then the outsourcing moved overseas.

    Of course the public sector really can’t outsource as easily, so it’s unions have managed to hold on.  But in doing so, those in the private sector who don’t have union wages, benefits and protections are now are envious.  Perhaps there was enough envy to tilt things Walker’s way.  

    Then again, perhaps it was just another stolen election by computer fraud.  Apparently lots of people voted on touch screens and even the optiscans (which others voted on) are subject to fraud since most elections never have hand recounts of the ballots.

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