Another OWS Manifestation: May Day

(10 am. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

It’s cold tonight at Zuccotti Park, not a long cold but a fleeting wisp of a chill every now and then.

You would think that on such a night before a great fight it would be some glamorous and ideal setting.  Instead, it’s filled with anxiety and as if the world cares not for what will happen tomorrow.

Revolution is not romantic.

The takeovers that are planned, the threats promised by the radicals and the hopes screamed by the liberals, all falls on the deaf ears of a horn honking city.  

Wall to wall with white and blue vans. Their contents pour out onto the streets ready to earn their paycheck and wondering how many of us they’ll arrest during their 8 hour shift.

I guess they didn’t get the memo that we’re all planning to go on strike :-/


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  1. and nothing hurt.

  2. like a boss!

    • TMC on May 2, 2012 at 04:41

    I was in Bryant Park, followed the parade to Union Sq. (WOW What energy in that crowd!), Ran into friends :-). I cheated and took the train back down to Zuccotti Park; met up with more friends. Took lots of pictures, I’ll down load tonight. I decided that it was a long enough day and I had already walked further than I had really planned, so headed to the Ferry and home. I’ll watch the rest on live stream. It was a great day

    Stay safe, Jack.

  3. The protests/general strikes in Egypt worked because the Egyptians made specific demands (i.e. remove Mubarak). It looks like OWS is organizing protests/possibly a general strike without making any specific demands. How about an audit of the Federal Reserve? That would be a pretty good demand.

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