Driftglass liberals: Unaware of history since Jan. 2009

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Like their mouth-breathing brethren, today’s liberals love to stand up on the chairs and denounce the depredations of conservatives.  And rightly so, as far as it goes.   Outraged liberals have excellent retrograde memories, but seem to have suffered an inability to form new memories since the election of Prez Oh, Brother!

It only takes one example out of many to demonstrate that liberal outrage against conservatives turns out to be nothing but sham outrage, fake, phony, fraudulent partisan bullshit.


Remember the Bush tax cuts?  Now they are the Obama tax cuts.  The historical trends of wealth distribution are bad enough, and getting frightfully worse; indeed they are hitting asymptote under Obummer! Where’s the liberal outrage?  Aside from a handful of principled stand-outs, we got squat.

We could write a friggin encyclopedia on Oh, Brother!’s horrendous criminal record on war crimes, financial giga-crimes, civil liberties atrocities, but fuck all that.  Lefties know all that.  Ignoring the harsh realities like the fucking historical revisionist hypocrites that keep your outrage meters pegged in the past, while being blind to the present, makes you no better than Andrew Sullivan.  Worse, even.

It’s not the party in power that’s the problem, but the entire imperial wealth pump. The inchoate partisan tub-thumpers refuse to believe their lying eyes.

Wouldn’t I love to see driftglass wield his flame thrower wearing a blindfold?  Sh-yah, crispy neo-liberal Democrats and comatose corporate Attorney Generals are tastier than you’d imagine, but partisans are too busy humpin’ a dead horse at Manassas to notice.  


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    • TMC on April 12, 2012 at 5:07 am
  1. Tea Party…old term….OWS fading term  Anyway don’t forget the Peace Prize, the ruination of health care on top of refusal to release DARPA’s free energy device.

    Strange story from the mainstream WAPO talking about Bilderberg, that international organization(which doesn’t exist in “reality”) and it’s role in making the Kings of  American politics.  Edwards was a Bilderberg pick along with Rick Perry.


    Anyway the longer I look at the highly illogical boundaries of both parties all of their recent stands accellerate the 14 characteristics of fascism, in favor of the 1 percent.  SupercorpofascistOrwellexpialidocious.

    • mplo on April 17, 2012 at 1:15 am

    are way too awed and impressed by charm and charisma, which is a big part of why so many people have been taken in by phonies like Obama.  Ahhhhh…the dumbing down of American continues…unabated.

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