A Funny, Yet All-Too-Dire Omen

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The Onion has a funny video up about Democrat Party voters screwing with Barry Obama's mind as the 2012 election kicks into gear.

Democrats: Obama Has Dicked Us Around For Four Years, Now It's Our Turn

Back in February, The Huffing Post reported that Obama was virtually tied with a generic Republican counterpart going into November.  Rasmussen reported similar polling results last month.  And according to news reports for last week, that slim lead is not getting any wider.  What this means is that the election is well within the theft margin.

The reason for this razor-thin margin is obvious: Obama has adopted so many of the Republicans' core policies – an ABC News poll last year found that a majority of Americans rate Obama as “just as bad” or “worse than” George W. Bush – that he presents no legitimate reasons for people to vote for him.  Web sites such as Obama the Conservative and Activist Post, whistleblowers including Thomas Drake, and bloggers including Glenn Greenwaldhave all documented the many ways in which Obama has adopted or exceeded all of the policies of his predecessors.

When the two major party candidates are so similar to one another, Harry Truman's admonition is as relevant as ever:  “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.”  Even having watched as Bush and Cheney stole not one but two consecutive presidential elections – thefts that were successful in large part because the Democrat candidates were so close to their Republican counterparts on policy – Obama and his campaign team still think the failed Clintonian model is viable.  And that will cost them dearly come November.

Meanwhile, people are hungry for real alternatives, and they're not buying into the Big Lie of Democrats not being as bad as the GOP anymore.  According to Gallupforty percent of registered voters now identify themselves as being independent or belonging to one of the minor political parties.

With so many voters looking to punish both major parties in November, the Obama regime would do well to look back and learn from history, lest it become history.

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  1. in the futility of conventional too big to fail institutions(American politics in this case) I present the ramblings of a fellow trooper fully capable of non conventional thought.  The subject matter is totally unrelated but…wait a second..something came to mind…Can one screw with the mind of the “anti-christ”.

    See thank you Satan, yes we can.

    For those of you who don’t know I reject conventional religion because it was and always has been a set of rules to live by given/made up by generations of elite assholes for societal control purposes.  Yeah George Carlin does it better.

    Oh, history, that factor about third veil things.  Empires in history have come and gone.  Getting just way too corrupt like Nero and Rome burning, Adolph and his master race but now we have that “interesting” aspect of technology our predatory nature says perhaps we should not have.

    Or is all of this just a globo-corp reallocation of available resources vs world population density so that we will create the carbon gulags of the soylent green future.


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