The Humanitarian War

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Watch  The Humanitarian War.    Curveball strikes again.  It’s the same damned playbook.

“Responsibility 2 Protect” is the witty handmaiden of imperial power, and it’s easy for liberals to text.

RU4 R2P?

Gaddafi got in the way of Empire!    Gaddafi wanted an African Union, independent banking.  We wanted AFRICOM (and light, sweet crude).  Bang, bang.  You’re dead.  “We came, we saw, he died.  Ha, ha.”  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, R2P is slick and sleazy.  Most liberals not only fell for it, they continue claiming bragging rights!  Don’t tell that to Obama supporters, unless you want to be labeled a purity troll and hear inept comparisons to taking out Dillinger.  That’s how these hypo-criticals roll.

When the media claimed Gaddafi was handing out boner pills so his soldiers could rape more effectively, you had to be an idiot not to still smell the bullshit from the Iraqi incubator story.

This is not a momentary lapse of reason, but simple alternation, resulting in a continuous lapse of reason: conduct wars that liberals like, then conduct wars conservatives like, and so on.   Vilification of the victims is “a cakewalk” with threshold public support.  

Now a majority of Americans want to go to war with Iran, if they try to get nukes, which I’m certain we will assure ourselves is true, despite any lack of evidence.  We have informants we trust in MEK.  Ask Howard Dean!  Yee-argh!

I’m looking forward to the shoot-out in the bathtub.  I’ve never seen modern, nuclear-powered aircraft carriers sink.  Besides, killing a million (more) Iranians, a massive land war in Asia, sky-rocketing oil prices, and some heavy duty military spending are just what we need to get this economy rolling (faster, downhill, backwards, with no brakes).

Maybe the commies have us in their mind rays, and are just paying us back for their collapse.  Nah, we’re just that stupid.


Libya is fucked up, just like Iraq.


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  1. Afterwards, I can see it.  It won’t be any less insane, but psychopaths have a certain capacity for self-interest.


    • banger on March 20, 2012 at 21:34

    It won’t happen. The ruling elites of Israel and the U.S. want attention focused on nonsense in order to avoid addressing real issues so they try to build up wars against whoever. But, at the end of the day, an Iranian war would lose a lot of money for those who inhabit the various catbird seats of the world economy. In addition, most of the intelligent planners (i.e., those who do not directly benefit from militarism or those who are not committed to fundamentalist Jewish of Christian ideologies) know that such a war would probably be a complete disaster whose outcome would be more drastically unpredictable than any of the other wars we’ve had since WWII.

    The wild-card is that some coalition of religious fanatics could get a hold of power in Israel and force matters but I imagine that the intel guys are on the job and will blunt that attempt should it occur. The business of this empire is business not war. The U.S. only goes to war against countries that are pathetically weak and can offer no conventional resistance.

    This issue comes out every year or two and they build up hysteria as part of the bargaining and deal-making that maintains the current set-up.

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