Noam Chomsky Endorses Jill Stein!!!

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Now, I wonder…. did my arguing with Noam on WWL Radio have anything to do with changing his mind? He was gonna vote Obama on Friday, when I spoke with him. And after, he came out with this endorsing Jill Stein! YAYYYY!…

Photobucket“Dear friends, I hope you’ll take the opportunity of the March 6th Green-Rainbow primary to cast a vote for resurgent democracy. A democracy that thrives outside of the Democratic and Republican Parties that are sponsored by and subservient to corporate America. And I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein – both with your vote and with a contribution to her campaign for people, peace and the planet.As you know, popular anger at the political and economic institutions, and the subordination of the former to the latter, has reached historic heights. And for sound reasons. There could hardly be a better time to open up the political debate to the just anger and frustrations of citizens who are watching the country move towards what might be irreversible decline while a tiny sector of concentrated wealth and power implements policies of benefit to them and opposed by the general population, whom they are casting adrift.

Jill Stein’s campaign is unifying the national Green Party, and ensuring that an urgently needed voice for democracy and justice will have a place on the ballot in the November election. Please join me in supporting Jill on March 6, and securing a voice foe a peaceful, just, green future in the presidential race.”

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Of course, I just had to write him a note, this totally made my day.  I mean, I begged and pleaded with him when we spoke, to be part of changing the narrative, helping to break the consensual reality created by the mindset that “3rd Party Can’t Happen.”

RE: Jill Stein, I LOVE you…


Thank you soooo much for endorsing a 3rd party candidate. My friends gave me a quite reasonable ribbing for arguing with you on the point, telling me “I’d argue with God if I had a chance.”

“This is wholly true,” I answered, laughing, “But only when I’m right!”

This will be a long hot Summer of discontent, and people are so frustrated with the Uniparty, that they could become so easily lead astray by charismatic fools like Ron Paul. With our changing the National Discourse, we can make the unimaginable attainable simply by creating that reality with our voices. You have made an enormous stop toward creating that reality by your endorsement. You offered an alternative to that possibility. You focused a direction for people’s angst.

It may or may not work, but at least we will have tried. This is the part where I offer you laud and praise and immense gratitude for changing your mind. The elections are Kabuki to some extent, we all know that. One president cannot a system change. However millions of minds opening to think outside this Skinners Box into which we have been thrust can lead to systemic change.

I love you, I love you, I love you for this. (not that I didn’t already for many reasons, but now its exponentially more)

This undeniably makes what shall be a hard, hard week so much more bearable for me. And may, who knows? Make a difference in the fabric of Society!



Count me beyond THRILLED!

Now, can we all get behind Jill Stein and make this the new battle cry of the Left?

We CAN make it happen.


To those of you who missed my arrogant little argument and Noam’s brilliance?

Here is the Podcast:


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    • Diane G on March 6, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    woot wooot woooooot!

    I am fired up!

    • RUKind on March 7, 2012 at 8:34 am

    And I’ll be voting for her again this year.

    The last time I voted for a major party candidate for president was for George McGovern in 1972. Been third party since then.

    Congrats on helping Noam properly decide who to endorse!

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