No daylight between Sarah Palin and Obama

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whereas Sarah Palin would merely shoot “infra-human” mammals from helipcopters on “hunting expeditions,” Barack Obama has and intends to kill Americans using drones, robot assassins, Navy Seals, CIA, you name it.

Do you miss John Ashcroft, yet?  Damned near.  At least Ashcroft showed an ounce of integrity on his sick-bed concerning illegal surveillance.

Not only should Eric Holder resign, he should take Obama with him to the laughingstocks.

I previously mentioned why Elena Kagan, daughter of Neo-Con, Supporter of Battlefield Earth, would be a terrible Supreme Court choice, and nobody cared, outside very tiny circles.  Well, now you’ve got Holder and Kagan in a 5-4, at their worst, and you’re fucked.  How’s that Big Tent D?  You helped convince America (progressives!) to vote for the Obama/Kagan ticket.  Nice work, buddy.

Yeah, and BTD wants me to “vote Obama” to work for the next Supreme Court selections?  I’ve got bile in my mouth.  


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  1. I don’t believe that for one fucking second.

    • TMC on March 8, 2012 at 01:13

    with the lemming Obama following Bibi over the edge to a war with Iran and Holder justifying murdering Americans because they can, I don’t see where it matters who sits in the Oval Office. This country is looking more and more like per-revolutionary France. Vive

    La France, vive la révolution!

  2. the Israelis bunker busting nukes and new planes for an attack on Iran–in exchange they don’t use ’em before the election.

    What a guy!

    On the big orange: not a peep.  

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