In defense of The Realm

I’ve had my differences with Idi Amin

on civil rights (I heard he put a rat

under a can on some dude’s stomach

and torched it hot.  There’s one way for the rat

to escape).  And some of the things Islam Karimov

has done, to be sure.  Boiling people alive?  

Egads!  I remain a staunch defender

of  liberal values.  That’s why ya gotta

respect…[Self-destructing blue-screen: On!]

when Obama calls in a drone strike

on Afghan civilians, prior to wiping out

the rescuers, and funeral parties attending,

with Hellfires, it shows impeccable restraint.

Vote!  [Self-destructing blue-screen: Off!]


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  1. a real time-saver.  I used to think you had to labor over it.  Now, it’s like:

    shave and a hair-cut,

    two bits.

    Feel that energy,

    fuckin’ eh.

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