The Obama Nightmare (Bush’s 4th term)

Bush’s fourth term is shaping up beautifully.  Republicans are a disgrace; Democrats a very similar, but publicly perceived lesser disgrace.  I sort of agree, but not really.  They are knocking off the same countries as Cheney, with vini vidi vici aplomb.  Plus sum; while ramping up internal power grabs.  Just like Dick!

Meanwhile, La Diggs, whom I like well-enough, hears the death rattle (more accurately “debt rattle”) of MOUs.  Hardy har har!  You fucking with me, girlfriend?  Has Europe escaped your attention?  They are scared to foreclose on Greece!, for all the CDS triggers.  Nevermind Spain and Italy.

Big Tent Democrat is a foregone conclusion on matters of vital interest.  He’s keeping his mouth shut until after November, at which point he’ll bank on being in the club.  Trust me, on this.  BTD is still in the club, to which neither you, nor I, nor driftglass belong; and speaking of driftglass…Let’s just say that Roman Polanski will never call him “pussycat” and cut his nose, because as formidable as he is, he doesn’t sniff around the right places anymore.  Jake “Mr. Gitts,” he no longer is.

Booman, is, of course, himself.  Probably has never “seen” the empire for what it is.  It’s hard to know what a “complete fool” is, being one myself.

Daily Kos: fukity fuk fuk fuk.

And there you have it.

Sorry to say, our friends are quickly/slowly drying up, like mortar between bricks: It sets over-night, then cures.

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    • TMC on February 9, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    have had few friends at most of those places. Nothing new, that’s why we’re here and Stars Hollow and FDL and The Confluence.  

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