The Fukushima rain

(8 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

the Fukushima rain is soaking through my shoes; I may never be the same, when I reach Baton Rouge.

It’s finally raining. The Sierras are high and dry. It’s been Spring all Winter. Sunny and 70 degrees. Every fucking thing is in blossom. The acacias, eucalyptus, the bulbs, magnolias, you name it.


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  1. except she ain’t tom.  both did respectable versions, however.  uh, imho.

  2. I can only read him one page at a time. That shit is radioactive.

  3. invasive species.  really fucking bothersome.  fucking shedders.

  4. why is media so silent about this.  The post 911 meme is all about scaring the shit out of people so why not add the nookular boogeyman out.

    Was that card trumped by the Iran war or JLOs tits.

    Caught the morning chemtrails and it’s snowing now but no hard ground freeze this year in Boston.

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