Arthur Silber takes Taibbi to the woodshed on Iran

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Holy Piccolo Pete and my blood-curdly-caked external meatus in the ululating shrillness of the dark wilderness where the straight way was lost!  Sending Arthur money was the best hundred bucks I ever spent!   I’m actually considering getting some sort of job to proceed with regular tithing to his cathedral of tears.

Obviously, we all owe Matt Taibbi an eternal debt of gratitude for his ongoing savage humiliation of the Nancy capitalists who continue destroying our lives.  It’s fair to say he got under the flinty thin skin of these epicurean dealmakers.  I bow deeply in Taibbi’s direction for his regular savagery against their felonious assaults upon democracy, and for writing one of the best extended phrases ever written in the Mother Tongue.

However, Arthur Silber rightly castigates Taibbi for parroting the official US/Israeli government lines that “Ahmadinejad is nuts.”  “He can’t be allowed to have nukes!”  “Something must be done!”  If you ever actually listen to, say, an interview of Ahmadinejad by Charlie Rose, you would rightly conclude that “Charlie Rose is nuts.”  

Also, if you pay any attention to such news, you would also rightly conclude that “Uncle Sam is nuts,” “The New York Times is nuts,”  “Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross are nuts,”, “Erin Burnett is nuts,” and so on.  Any casual brush with history would inform you of these elementary facts.

I urge you to read Arthur’s spat-out of Taibbi’s harmful Pavlovian regurgitation of neoconservative crop milk.


    • TMC on February 19, 2012 at 4:01 pm

    which was a call out of the media, especially the popular Erin Burnett, for spreading the government line, was not bad until this paragraph:

    I’m not defending Achmedinejad, I think he’s nuts and a monstrous dick and I definitely don’t think he should be allowed to have nuclear weapon

    It sent downhill from there.

    The United States, Israel and the rest of the world need to get over themselves. Whether or not Iran develops a nuclear weapon is not up to them. Iran will decide what is best for them. What Taibbi and the rest of the media misses entirely are the FACTS.

    Iran signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel did not.

    The Ayatollahs run the country, not Achmedinejad. He is the president because they want him to be, not because the people elected him.

    The Ayatollahs are ideologically opposed to nuclear weapons and have called for a “fatwa” against the development, production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons.

    Iran has stated its uranium enrichment program is exclusively for peaceful purposes and the IAEA has confirmed the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran.

    Our own national intelligence agencies confirmed in 2007 that Iran had ended “nuclear weapon design and weaponization work” in 2003. Iran has called for nuclear weapons states to disarm and for the Middle East to be a nuclear weapon free zone.

    So who do we believe? The Israelis who have their own agenda for wanting a war with Iran? The US, Russia and the EU whose main interest is controlling the oil in the region? Or the Iranians who state they want to develop a alternate energy source for fossil fuels and have renounced ALL weapons of mass destruction?

    Even Taibbi misses this, Achmedinejad is NOT Iran. Nor has America ever been the country he thinks it was and it never will be.

    I fully suspect we’ll be in another war by this Summer.

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