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Listen to Diane Gee with special co-host Eric Knight live on WWL Radio Friday, January 6th at 6pm ET!

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PhotobucketTonight, Eric Knight – British citizen and regular of the Links for the Wildy Left facebook page affiliated with this show and blog –  joins me as honorary co-host to address Occupy, Class War, the Police State and the Idiocy of our mutual “exceptionalism” in foreign affairs.

Eric is a scathing wit, brilliant man and all around great conversation.  He has worked in publishing and marketing, been active in the Human Rights and Justice Campaign, is a drummer who has run with the rockers, hobnobbed with the Princess of Wales and Maggie Thatcher, and supports the reintroduction of the guillotine for both of our War Criminals. He is on his way to Pakistan as an NGO diplomat working in an advisory position on education, and to promote diplomacy between their two countries, a trip for which he has agreed to be our foreign correspondent.

It will be refreshing to see our own Kabuki from a very sympathetic to the “people” man, who shares our absolute disgust with the events occurring around us.

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    • Diane G on January 6, 2012 at 20:42

    and a brilliant man.  Been video-skyping with he and his beautiful wife Marie for 2 days now in prep.

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