We All Sing With The Same Voice

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    • TMC on January 26, 2012 at 17:54

    Pirate Party fastest growing political group in Europe

    Digital pirates are officially recognized by European governments with their own political party, fighting against the entertainment industries and what the Pirate Party’s leader, Rick Falkvinge, calls “copyright monopoly.”

    Founded in Sweden in 2006 by Falkvinge, a Swedish entrepreneur-turned-politician, the party rapidly became the most popular political affiliation in Sweden for people under age 30. The Guardian calls it “the youngest, boldest, and fastest growing political movement” in Europe.

    “In three years, they gained their first seat in the European parliament (they now have two) and became the largest party in Sweden for voters under 30. Since then they’ve gained political representation in Germany and swept large parts of Europe,” reports the Guardian.

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