Oppression & Brutality from Sea to Shining Sea

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What good a revolution, have you no fixed plan for what comes next?


Be careful what you wish for….


Things aren’t that bad. The devil you know may be better than the devil you get…

Things are that bad.  Things are unimaginably bad, had people the ability to connect dots so obvious a kindergartener with a crayon could complete the picture and probably sound out “Fascism” before the MSM could possibly do it.  

I dreamed, long ago in gentler days of a 100th monkey moment of enlightenment.  I prayed that humanity would evolve.  I beseech-ed those who would listen that unless we did something then, that things were turning dire. I think even if my moderating forces were still around me? My radicalization is the result of facts on the ground.

Revolution is now coming whether or not you like it, dear readers. Everything is about to change so visibly that like the proverbial frog in the boiling pot, people will wonder why their world is burning around them, and wonder how we let it get so far.

The new normal may soon look something like this:  


America! America! Lets bring Freedom to Thee!

Let me tell you a tale from those shining seas, two tales actually from our coastal regions.  It is no small wonder that most of the oppression and brutality are coming from those regions that have always been the most liberal areas of our Nation.  But the heartland is feeling it too, as soon will become unavoidably obvious.

They’ve crowned the hood, with big-brotherhood, there is no privacy….

PhotobucketLets start with the Big Apple, shall we?  New York’s Police Department in conjunction with the PENTAGON are going to place mobile scanners on the streets of New York.  The same type of scanners used in airports that leave you open to near-naked inspection for “security’s sake” are going to be used broad-scale. Remember not so long ago, that our opposition to this turned into grudging acceptance of the way things “just are.”  Boil froggies, boil.

Our parents and grandparents could not have imagined a world in which it was strip first, frisk first and guilty until proven innocent.  Yet, even without the scanners, the NYPD (much like PD’s across the land) has already flushed our constitutional rights.  

In the first quarter of 2011, more than 161,000 innocent New Yorkers were stopped and interrogated on the streets of the city. Figures released by the NYPD in May of last year revealed that of the over 180,000 stop-and-frisk encounters reported by the police department, 88 percent of them ended in neither an arrest nor a summons, leading many to assume that New York cops are already going above and beyond the law by searching seemingly anyone they chose. Additionally, of those 161,000-plus victims, around 84 percent were either black or Latino. At the time, the ACLU’s Lieberman wrote, “The NYPD is turning black and brown neighborhoods across New York City into Constitution-free zones.”

Even our social tools, tools to which we have become addicted, are now part and parcel of our own surveillance. The government data-mines our blog posts, our every keystroke.  Your emails, FB messages, and Tweets are now subject to not only spying, but actual CENSORSHIP.  ACTA internationally has made this law, and the US is seeking to cement it even further in attempt after attempt to thwart the free internet.  The PAT Act still is in effect and your cell phones are no longer private.

Let me reiterate the dots.  They can listen to you, read you, stop you, frisk you, and see you naked with no reasonable cause.  Where the outrage?  Why do we not scream as the burner is raised incrementally and let our Constitutional Rights blow off like so much swirling steam?  

This is “1984” meets the “Apprentice Adept” series by Piers Anthony in which all serfs had to be naked by law, to keep them both without privacy – that being a right only for the wealthy citizens – and to ensure that there could be no armed revolt.

What part of totally scrutiny over every part of our existence equals FREEDOM?

O beautiful for protestor feet, receives a baton beat, let loose the whores of Korporate Wars, rain’d bullets unto Thee…

What is American Freedom when people can get shot at, corralled, beaten and arrested for being on OUR public streets? What world is it when there are thousands of homeless locked out of empty buildings abandoned by the richest of our Nation and gassed and shot by rubber bullets by the Police who are supposed to protect and serve us?  Why do we need “permission” to assemble?  Is this not OUR Nation?

Once again, in the supposed name of “security and protection” of the very Police who attacked the people, hundreds in Oakland California were arrested last night.  They are not reporting the injuries of the thousands attack, only that 3 officers were supposedly injured.

Watch them at about the 14 minute mark begin to shoot into the crowd with rubber bullets, flash bangs and tear gas.

There is some delicious irony that the pigs were too stupid to check wind direction and the tear gas blew back in their faces.

The untold stories are the near-term pregnant woman who got beaten on the kidney so hard by the police, they had to take her away in an ambulance.  Or the young woman citizen reporter who had a shotgun point-blank in her face for trying to record this event.

The untold story is that the Police would not have ever been in danger had they not CONFRONTED the People taking back their country, one neighborhood, one building, one sidewalk and one street at a time.  Full riot gear and gas masks against kids in bandanas with banners?  The pigs so fear being hit by a plastic water bottle that they must use injurious force?  

Surveillance is just prelude to a well orchestrated kettling and clash, and the clashes are but preludes to a kiss kill.

You may say to yourself, that the Occupiers have no plan.  They do.  There main challenge to the system is that the 1%, Wall Street and its money HAVE to come out of government.  Until that is addressed, there is no “whats to follow.”

You may say to yourself, their “violence” is what causes the problem; yet peaceful sleeping encampments have been raided with the same violent tactics by the Police.

You may say to yourself, “I’m not one of them, and things aren’t so bad yet.”  You know, the US is bleeding jobs, and the prices are rising and “austerity” is on the rise.  Have you any doubt, you and yours will not be effected?  What future have your children and grandchildren?

You may even say, without this government we would fall to chaos and there would be no order in the streets.  I offer you the post below on this page about Chile.  Note that when the students took over, and had vested interest and control of their schools, discipline became better, not worse.

The relationships between students and teachers have shifted. As hierarchies melted, relationships became more cooperative and supportive. In the classroom, they sit in a circle. The teacher is someone who helps, but is not above the rest. Eliana Lemus, a teacher of biology, chemistry, and physics, and principal of the school, maintains that discipline is much greater than it used to be, perhaps because it is not imposed and there is a desire to be together and share the experience.

We have not declared the war, my friends.  The War has been declared upon us.  We are the enemy to our own Nation now.  The Indefinite Detention bill says as much.  They declared War by spying on us, removing our right for redressing our concerns.  They have declared War by impoverishing us, dehumanizing us, stripping us of our privacy and using direct violence upon us.

Our choices are merely to die like helpless froggies when pot reaches boil, or jump out of the damned pot now.

Revolution is not a Declaration of War.  Revolution is the result of an undeclared War already waged that makes the boot upon your throat insufferable.  Revolution is self-preservation instinct reflexively happening to those losing their lives.

There is a new, unavoidable reality unfolding here.

And this is the only verse I shall not change, for our true patriotic heroes are on the streets and on these pages.

   O beautiful for heroes prov’d

   In liberating strife,

   Who more than self their country lov’d,

   And mercy more than life.



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    • Diane G on January 29, 2012 at 17:26

    Occupy Oakland, City wide rape scanners, oppression, revolution and who the real heroes are.

    America the beautiful infuckingdeed.

    They only call it class warfare when we fight back.

  1. in great detail to my 83 year old mother as to how and why Af-merica-stan today sucks.  That comparison between how her generation had it far easier and why my baby boomer generation and that generation of my kids have zero potential futures.

    • Diane G on January 30, 2012 at 17:23
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  3. in great detail to my 83 year old mother as to how and why Af-merica-stan today sucks.  That comparison between how her generation had it far easier and why my baby boomer generation and that generation of my kids have zero potential futures.

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