IOZ speaks better ASL

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WHOISIOZ?  I dunno, but great stuff just seems to fall from his mouth, like he doesn’t even try; his application effort-ry-ness is nil, and he merely rains phraseology down upon the rest of us like Zeus’s embarassado’d forehead pudenda.  He’s like Tom Brady, La Binoche, Gore Vidal, Herman Melville, and Fred Flintstone rolled in one.  Mother effing fuck.  Who is like that?  It’s irritating to an orangutan to be so out-done, so out-laundered, out-smoked; it does make us interested, try harder, but it also makes trying harder, like playing the dude who keeps schwacking top-spinning baselines in the Australian Open.  “Orang” is being kind.    Vicki, please open can of paint!  The ecru!  Sure.   Now say, “cup!” but I can’t do that, dammit.  Chimps don’t speak; we sign in ASL.  Duh.

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  1. what would we do?

  2. it’s humiliating.

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