Elizabeth Warren: “Pats Gonna Spank The Giants”

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Democratic challenger for the US Senate seat from Massachusetts and Harvard Law professor, Elizabeth Warren has been a popular guest this week on the cable networks. She appeared on MSNBC Thursday following the Republican debate and assessed Republicans as favoring a policy to “invest in those who already made it”. She specifically addressed wealthy businessman Mitt Romney’s income and his preferred tax rate:

“Mitt Romney pays 14 percent of his income in taxes, and people who get out there and work for a living pay 25, 28, 30, 33 percent. I get it, Mitt Romney gets a better deal than any of the rest of us because he manages to earn his income in a way that has been specially protected for rich folks,” said Ms. Warren.

Her assessment of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was equally critical on his proposed tax policy of reducing everyone’s tax rate to 15% and expressed her support of “Warren Buffett rule” that would raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Earlier on Tuesday night with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show, she informed Jon that “The Pats are gonna spank the Giants” and addressed tax policy, lobbying, and investment, her signature issues. She opposes cuts in education research as detrimental and the need to invest in the middle class. In Part 2, she goes on to describe the role that government should play in regulating America’s private sector.  This is the unedited interview that is only available on line

There are those who are concerned that Warren, a political novice, will compromise her principles to the pressure of Wall St. hawks like Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY). After watching her dress down Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner during hearings as chair of the five-member Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the implementation of TARP, I think she’ll be able to stand her ground. I’ll forgive her for her support of the Patriots. Nobody’s perfect.


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  1. In David Dees fashion or maybe the late great George Carlin in his later years.

    Your Superbowl means nothing to me.

    I live and have lived just 20 miles north of the heart of Red Sox nation for 56 years now.  I can’t say it has not been a great life but when all my future prospects make me wish for a time machine to hide in the past years of now lost suburban bliss.  I have to distribute things like this on the fundies and their upcoming Iran War in March of this year.  The second piece is about the retards involved in the insignificant presidental erection.


    I did spiritually cleanse today by riding/teaching a troubled adopted girl from Guatemala.  Mattie loves “her” horse and rode off lead today with decent control.

    As far as Elizabeth doing battle with Council on Foreign Relations Tim the bankers toolman Geithner…well maybe that is a good thing but I shall leave that to you people.

    I just don’t give much creedence to dying institutions even if tiny numbers of good people try.

    Let me go off and do my Jedi Knight of the Fifth Veil stuff trying to stop the Iran thing in March.

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