Countdown without Keith Olbermann 20120123

What has happened to Keith Olbermann?  

I know that he has some health issues, but for Chrissakes, he is younger than I am, and I NEVER miss a post unless something really important is happening.  And I do not make any money posting here, either.

What has happened?  All that Shuster will say is that he is substituting for Olbermann.  That is it.

There is no hint of what keep him away from his own show, or when he might return.  That is not a good way to keep an audience.

I know that when he is not the host, I turn the channel to something more interesting.  Without the “Worst People” segment, that show is not really different than many others are.

I hope that he is not ill.  Perhaps he needs a better science adviser (that would be me).  In any event, Countdown without Keith Olbermann is a very poor shell of what his program used to be.

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Doc, aka Dr. David W. Smith

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