The Scoop on’s Warehouse Labor Policies-Beyond Shocking…and Disgraceful!

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Hey, folks:

The following link is to a scathing article on the extremely archaic, brutal and inhumane conditions under which the workers at’s warehouses are regularly subject to, as well as being forced to work at an unattainable and unsustainable pace,  often with disastrous results.   This link might be of interest.  Read it and weep, gnash your teeth, or knock your socks off!  I decided right then and there, although I’d heard something about’s ultra-abusive labor policies, to stop buying things from Amazon unless or until they change their labor policies.…

What do you all think?  I’d love to get some feedback from everybody here on docudharma.  


    • mplo on December 15, 2011 at 17:23

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