Taste aversion

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Associative theory fails to explain

Why glancing at a scene of “night vision”

On TeeVee makes me think of the murder,

The night-time Alabama pig-hunt, of

Osama bin Laden.  I’ve seen green

film many times before, but never

bin Laden tapes.  “Green” is “stamped-in,”

already eaten the “associative pie.”  Everyone

in their right mind adheres to associative theory

Per se, but fer christ’ssake, even my dog

doesn’t believe in BF Skinner or Santa.

Seeing green “night vision” on TeeVee

makes me want to puke.  It disgusts me.  

Explain me that, Garcia, Rescorla, Miller.


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  1. so does everyone else, except he doesn’t, nor do they.

  2. for every wounded snake of verse, there is only anger.

  3. fuck me.  this is rapid response writing, after all.

    Mr. malaprop strikes again!  I was thinking of an old friend last night, whom I once laughingly affirmed in calling me a “picture of moderation,” and that back-seat-driving MF said, “I said ‘portrait’.”  We were both fortunately in the back seat.

    One of the funniest things that ever happened to my funny bone, for some reason, decades beyond the initial reverberation.

    That crucial distinction in diction between he and I is the reason I will request Monsieur IOZ to host the first annual poetry punch-out.  IOZ writes better than Don Delillo, if you can believe that.  It’s so good that I remain wary not to fall for it.

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