Rough verse slouching

(4 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

You go to class warfare with the system

you have, not the system you’d like to have.

Pain clamps for sociopaths, Bueller?

Skyscrapers don’t evaporate in free fall,

Unless they only hurt the ones they love.

And the Muslims they shouldn’t hurt at all,

It’s only people with drones who slam the hordes,

The hoards of oil and natural gas.  They call

Pipelineistan “Nukehaveistan”, because

Skyscrapers don’t evaporate in free fall,

Everyone wants to explain the fall, somehow.

Denigrate or decorate the dead,

Somehow, you did it all, in stony sleep

Night-eating, fat Hobbit!  Cough-up!


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  1. I’ll let experts later explain “fine crap” versus “shitty crap.”

  2. Mr. G Mocha-Dick, Master J,

    My great friends,

    get shizizzle in the minizzle. Mocha-Augustine, Moby-Errorwoodtude, if one doesn’t occasionally drop a log in the water, how can one tell how fast one is going?

    make it savage and off the cuff, diamond bullets in the brain kind of shit.

    Let me see if I could guess you.

    best, anyway.  

  3. What do I “see”

    That psychic in me

    It’s not free will if

    mainstream sells you the pill

    Comply you must be

    Obey authority

    You must go see Doc

    And get your flu shot

    Smart meter for you

    To sit in the dark

    No gas in the car

    Can’t walk in the park

    Lines in the sky

    Like a big pizza pie

    Thank you Satan

    Yes we can

    Stuff em all into the van.

  4. I think I’m going to enjoy this year as I’ve resolved to get back and enjoy the rough verse and the totally absurd. Happy New Year to you.  

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