Foie gras

The world bank force-feeds money

into “bankable projects” until their livers

croak, but we refuse to force-feed Muslims

on Ramadan?  The oil-besotted world

has no poor to think of; it IS Heaven!  

Albeit CO2 heavy.  The indignant,

high-profile rich cry like milk-choked whelps

sent to lobby the Pentagon of class warfare;

Cuz we punk-ass kids didn’t buy

their flexible flyers PS3 drones;

War-horny men whose missiles creamed

the launch pad: Gullet the blue pills!

Gum the suicidal works!  Whoops.  

Nausea, dizziness, exploding shits, etc.  


  1. but see if you can find the one line i liked.

    I actually took a poetry writing class once, and everyone just threw their shit (and I mean shit, mostly…) up on the overhead weekly for everyone else to read.  The prof was pretty gracious and encouraging about the whole thing; he’d been there; was still there; it’s an ongoing process; lots of fun at the time.

    Christopher Parkening makes for a decent double-dactyl.  

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