The Saddam Hussein Memorial Crapper

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Some Assembly Required:

Symbol: As the last Americans slunk out the gates of Camp Victory as it was turned over to the Iraqis, they took Saddam’s toilet with them. Victory, with a 27 mile perimeter, was the largest of the 505 bases the US military had contractors build for them. The toilet is made of stainless steel and cost the US about a trillion dollars all told. So now you know what we got out of the war.

“I’d like to thank the American elites, the entire neoconservative movement, The New York Times, especially Tom Friedman, David Brooks and Judith Fucking Miller, …[music starts]…wait, wait!  I was just getting started. I have so many people yet to thank…”

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  1. Waterboarding goat herders and “our” allies against “the Russians in Afghanistan was.  Oh, and during the patriotic fervor of the Bush years, even during the Mission Accomplished freak show did the opposition “left” party break any news about Bush’s national sovereignty dissolving North American Union plan?  No, the John birch society did.

    What didd “we” get.  Oil?  Hey, the poppy crops black op money is online again.  And what of Mr Peace Prize himself, Libya, Syria,Iran?  Oh, and won’t the Aegis and Xe private mercs actually cost more?

    Don’t taze me bro and shove your eugenics flu shots up your ass.  Go watch Dancing with the Ditzes you stupid ugly clueless generationally social engineered zombinals.

    And no, I am out of beer.

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