Mene Mene Tekel.

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The mechanisms of using the political system to do the people’s business have been irrevocably undermined. Things are getting slowly and irrevocably worse, without letup. And there is no way to fix it within the prescribed parameters of the system.

There is no two party government in power, except in name. There is power, and there is corruption. All else is an illusion.

And the advertised choice left to us, the serfs, is to fix it using the prescribed mechanisms, in twenty, fifty, or a hundred years.

If you choose to play in idiocy, you will be mired in idiocy. To date, you the taxpayer are funding thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at other countries in an expostulation of unmitigated terror and destructiveness that is described as everyday politics, and cannot be dealt with because of an unaddressable “political reality”.  And one could go on, and on, and on and on.  

And things will get bad. And things will get worse.

Mene Mene Tekel.  Upharshin.

For a hundred years hence, it will get worse. The current system is designed to work through issues on a timescale of twenty, fifty, or a hundred years.

It’s not getting better, no matter how you vote, who you vote for, or if they win in the short term.

In twenty years, our easily obtainable energy resources will be gone, no matter how much latitude you gave “American Energy Companies”. And Congress will dither, and its apologists will say change takes time.

In fifty years, your children will not know the name of Albert Einstein, and will think it equally likely the sun revolves around the Earth as the other way around, and will treat ancient science texts claiming the latter to be propaganda leaflets of the militant left, and the Democrats will claim to be agnostic on the subject.  You know I’m right.

And the Congress will dither, and your Democrats or their successors and those wise heads of the present day will talk about politics, and how that is important to solve problems.  And the Republicans will talk about burning witches.  And the Democrats will seem wise by saying maybe burning witches is a little extreme.

And in a hundred years, your childrens’ children will be fleeing the coastlines, as what remains of their cities are inexplicably flooded, and the corporations that had them building dams flee to the North Pole, leaving their serfs, your descendants, to die in the swamps.

And the Republicans, if they still exist at that time, or their ideological successors, and you know they will be there, will talk about sacrificing virgins to Quezocoatl or that god’s equivalent or some other god’s equivalent.  And the Democrats will talk about how that also is a little extreme, but perhaps now we can burn witches.

You can deny, but you know I’m right.

Everyday politics in any venue and by any name has but one legitimate purpose: To serve the people.

What has gone wrong, so terribly wrong, is politics in today’s American culture is politics being seen as an end unto itself.

What defines the American political system of the present day is the be all and end all of politics.  It’s not that politics is “bad” it is that our corporations and our nation have adopted a language of politics as an end unto itself.  

It simply does not matter if what you are talking about is sacrificing the genitals of every living child under 12 to a mythical gnome who lives in a hole in the ground in exchange for tasty alien cheese that falls from the sky.  All that matters is what the poll numbers on the question are!  And your talking heads will cheerfully discuss it without gagging and while wearing Christian Dior clothing and black pearls around their neck if the person who brought the mythical gnome up has sufficient political backing.

And Rachel Maddow will do it too.  Except, to mock it, while giving it airplay anyway.  And without the black pearls.  Whatever.

If anything it’s gotten worse.

If it fails to serve the people, what is left of politics is mechanism without meaning. What I mean is, people talk today about political reality without acknowledging that the barriers currently imposed by political reality are so abstract, insane and extreme they have no relationship with the realities of people’s lives.

Your politicians, and your government, have become disconnected with the people.  

You and yours talk about what is politically impossible, whereas what is politically impossible is what is absolutely necessary for the people.

When situations are like that, either long term suffering or a revolution is in the offing. But if it’s business as usual, your politicans aren’t addressing it.

Hope is dead.  Your politicians have destroyed hope, now they talk about fracking using unknown chemicals and its benefits and drawbacks.  And you, you the voter, talk about which ones of these people who will permit, to a greater or lesser degree, corporations to use unknown chemicals to poison your water is the most sensible person or people to elect.  But the Republicans are worse.  Presumably, the fracking chemicals that will be used under the perview of the Republicans are worse.  I guess.

You are being played, and it’s never getting better.  The game goes on and on, it’s them, it’s the other guys, vote for Democrats!  Even though Republicans, it must be hastened to be said, are also Patriotic Americans Who Only Want What’s Good For the Country, like President Obama said.

But what I’m left with, is the inevitability.  Our liberal brethren suppose that we should tinker around the edges of this contraption.

Pass a corporate accountability amendment, they say (except it will never happen, and even if it did, the new Amendment would be circumvented in TWO WEEKS).  Elect Obama, and then another Democratic President.  And then another.  And another.  Until the year 3000.  Because the Republicans can’t get power.

Don’t have a multi party Democracy, that would be too extreme!  Keep the Republicans, but they’re crazy.  Crazy, I tell you!

Given the current system, it may be inevitable that we will eventually have another Republican President, and another Republican Congress, but our liberal friends say, there must not ever be another Republican President and Congress!

Not Ever!

Except, with the current system, and remember, questioning the entire system is unthinkable! – it’s inevitable.  And not in twenty years.  There will be a Republican President, and a Republican Congress, and the Republicans, sooner or later, will be able to enact their agenda, and if the Democrats resist, it will simply prolong the misery.

And tinkering with the system in a more than completely impotent way, to our soi distant liberal friends, is completely unacceptable.  We just have to join the Democratic Army and turn back the inevitable Republican Tide.  Anything else would be, after all, being radical.  The Republicans are an extreme an unacceptable risk, except when they are in Congress and they have a demand.  They cannot become President or a majority, or the world will end, except that they will, and when they do, the Democrats will say, and have said, that they are brilliant, passionate and dedicated Americans bar none.

So here is what is going to happen.  

Your children will be taught to equate creationism with science.  You will resist, and your political benefactors will object.  And overturning the systemic political needs of your political benefactors will be beyond imagination and unthinkably radical.  So your children will learn creationism.

Your children’s children will not know why their entire civilization is being torn apart by storms.  Your political benefactors will say the causes are God, and inexplicable, and you will at that time object.  But if you object, based on science and the past, you will be called a militant, the documents you bring forth propaganda, and your political benefactors will allow you to be burnt at the stake, figuratively or literally, because your sacrifice will save them for a greater, higher, and most importantly, much later political purpose and more important, but later, political reality which must take precedence over whatever silly things are going on in the universe right, uh, now.

And your childrens’ childrens children will not know anything.  They will be slaves.

Democrats are media-conditioned to understand that corporations are propagandizing you in order to eat you.

But, right now, politicians and pundits are also propagandizing you in order to eat you.  Their political needs and the salaries of their leaders always take first place, in an endless battle against evil others — a battle and a war that is literally designed to have no end, ever.  And your campaign donation is, as always, and forever, deeply appreciated.  

Democrats and Republicans are telling you the other will eat you.  And the enemy, the enemy is always there, and the fact they just happen to be there and can never be defeated, well that, that is just the system.  They teach you that the Republicans must be eaten, except between elections, when they are, somehow, still there, afterwards, somehow uneaten.  

(And even if they were eaten, how a one party, Republican-less, Democratic Single Party system would work, remains unexplained.  But I digress).

It’s just the system, man.  Can’t fight city hall.  But remember, there are no more Apollo missions.  There is no more bright future.  There is no more to look forward to and speculate about an open future.  It’s only the politicians, and their sides, and their needs.  Remember, lest the enemy win.  Remember, lest they remain uneaten for some inexplicable, unknown reason.

This is not a matter of psychic difficulty to predict — what will happen.  This could, was, and now has been predicted, and I’m not the first.  And it was easy.  But my bad.  I bothered to look at the inevitable consequences of current behavior.

What do I propose?  Not a thing.  

Did you think I had the answers?  Ha!  Silly you.

In America, politics rules, and others are fools.  As it has been, so shall it always be.  Politics is number 1 and political pragmatists define political reality, and political reality is the only important reality.  Since that is all that is allowed, this is all there is.

USA.  USA.  USA.  

Mene Mene Tekel.  This is the way civilizations die.


  1. to keep the system alive another 5 years, so your kids could get educated?

  2. Just thought I’d point that out.

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