Enemy recognition learning (“cultural” transmission edition)

Once upon a time, little Victoria Jackson was staring blankly at a Clorox bottle when she overheard her mother screaming profanities at the TV in the other room.  From that day forward, she harbored a visceral and abiding hatred of bleach.  Especially Clorox bleach.

The End

Curio et al, 1978


  1. things said out loud, tape rolling:

    “I love Muslims; I just hate what they believe in.”

    “They are allowed to behead their wives in America because of religious freedom.”

    “Frank Gaffney says,…”

    “All Muslims aren’t terrorists, but all terrorists ARE Muslims.  That’s just a fact.”

    “it’s the opposite of the Bible.  It’s a religion of death.”

    Not quite an Old Testament lathering, but they’re working up to it.

  2. “Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano have dead eyes.  They have dead eyes.”

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