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PhotobucketOccupy Wall Street is again our topic tonight, as I assume it will be for a very long time as long as the Independent Journalists are still able to report freely.

Two very important questions remain.

The first is about how it will fail – for the odds are stacked very highly against the Populace saving themselves from a deeply entrenched and now global Oligarchy. Will it be through violence, being co-opted, being handed austerity and thrown a few bones? Or will they create violence and blame the resistance in order to turn the population against the Occupation, rewarding little Orwellian finger-pointers?

The second is about how it will succeed – for against all odds, we are the many and we could easily regain power if the will to do so is true. Is highly regulated capitalism what we must settle for, perhaps isolationist America-first selfishness, or will we truly break free into sane socialism?

These are the days we have been waiting for my friends. It has begun.

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